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Not a lap cat????

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Well, I picked up my new cat Lucky from the shelter yesterday. When they were reading his profile to me, it mentioned that he didn't like to sit on laps. He obviously didn't fill out the questionare since he's snuggled quite happily on me right now keeping me nice and warm. So now I have an excuse to stay on the computer!

I'm going to have to get him a kitty buddy soon. I think he smells the foster kittens I returned yesterday and has been wandering around meowing sadly looking for them. And he walks right up to my dog, sniffs his nose, and then growls (mad that Cameron isn't a kitty is my guess)
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Aww Lucky you. The guy we got Reeses from said she was a lap cat and loved to be held, petted etc.. I think he overexaggerated a bit She tolerates being held for a few minutes, snever snuggles except for on our bed, and likes getting petted in short durations before she gets up, moves 7" inches, and lets us pet her again
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I love lap cats, you are so lucky!! I miss my lap cat
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Sounds like Lucky knows he's found his home and his person!
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My boys are not lap cats/snugglers.
They must think they're too studly for that stuff.
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Yay!!! Another Lucky!!! hmmm, maybe they had your Lucky confused with my Lucky....she is NOT a lap cat. You can pet her & love her but don't pick her up!!!
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Max, Sampson, Pooh and Takoda are lap kitties. Vanna is a chest kitty!

The rest will visit but they don't prefer to sit in your lap.
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Ok, enough is enough. Its been almost 2 hours since that post and I really do have to get up. My legs are falling asleep, and its time for lunch!
I'm in big trouble too. I was wearing DH's polar fleece and now I'm almost as fluffy as Lucky.
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Our lovely Jaden isn't a lap cat either, unfortunately. I grew up with lap cats and really miss not having one. J loves being petted and snuggled, but it has to be on her terms, not ours. I recently started introducing her to being picked up and snuggled and she's taken to it rather well (even sucking my earlobe a few times! ) She did sit on my lap during Christmas break for about TWO hours!! I was so thrilled I didn't dare get up and spoil the moment. Hasn't been repeated since, unfortunately. Maybe having long hair makes her not want the heated seat?

We love her to death, but her not sitting on laps is the main reason we're thinking of getting two more (brother and sister) and the brother for sure is a notorious lap cat. My DH's coworker wants to give them away to a good home. We're going to drive out and meet them in a few weeks to see what's what.
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Layla hops in my lap every once in awile.
Normally she just curls up beside me.
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My Dusty is such a lap cat that she rarely leaves us alone. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to see my husband sleeping on his back, with Dusty on his chest and her head nuzzled next to his. She had one paw on my husband's cheek. They were both sound asleep. It was SOOOO CUTE!!
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Aw maybe he wasn't a lap cat before he met you
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