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Persi's new wife!

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Persi will be taking a wife, a rescued alley cat from the streets of L.A. which arrives here tomorrow night by air frieght. Persi is pretty adamant about the whole matter since he says he is a pedigree with champion parentage, but I will be closely following the advice of the most knowledgeable people here at TCS. Our kids actually rescued him in California but they cannot keep him so they are sending her to us. Which of course we agreed to do. Isn't that how it all starts? Looks like I need to make a new siggy, etc., but for now, here is a picture of Persi's new wife. (We will hold a small informal ceremony Saturday moring.)
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She is a beauty. Persi is very fortunate.
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awe she is a beauty, persi is very lucky. But with the kids and the animals its actually the adults wanna take the animals for each other in this family well no they all actually want ours (i guess the right ones pick us ) Our willie was found in bad shape and my mom tells my grandma we got him and she was like well I will take him since she has less cats and no dogs and she is on one floor (he cant walk up steps or jump right now) so maybe its better for him to go there to get the full healing but of course he is our baby its just that everyone wants him in our family and not I am really hoping that surgery isnt needed tho !!! but o my isnt persi such a lucky boy
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Wow - what a beauty! Persi is one lucky fellow!
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YAY!!!! Congratulations to Persi!!!!
Great for you!...
Hola y bienvenida a TCS!.. a la nueva gatita!!!
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS at the new kitty !!!!!!.....)

Love your new siggy!!!...so funnie about the hissing!...
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Oh, she is gorgeous, Persi! ConCATulations!

Welcome, Ms. Alley, to Persi's domain and to TheCatSite -- we hope you will love your King and visit us here frequently!
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Welcome Mrs. Persi, you're a beautiful girl!
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