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Coupon Sites

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I was reading an article in womandsday magazine and I know all of you like saving money. So I found some websites that offer coupons on groceries. I have found some good one on things I buy frequently. Here are the sites!

Anyone else know some coupon sites?
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one word of warning, my Wal-mart, and I'm guessing this is a company wide policy, does not accept internet coupons, I'm sure there are other stores that have the same policy, so I'd ask at your grocery store first if they accept them
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In addition too...be sure to print them in color. Otherwise you will get questioned.

Anyways, I use to www.coolsavings.com. Most of these though, if you use them you will receive a lot of Junk Email.
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I have yet to find any stores in my area who accept internet coupons...unless they are from their own site (like Target and LensCrafters).

So I've given up, and stick to the old fashioned clipping.
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