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Not giving but asking!

Anybody know how to make a red tabby look redder? My Lou is looking hot cream instead of red and sunbathing isn't working - neither is colour enhancing...

Ideas that doens't break any obvious show rules anyone???
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Is he pedigree red tabby or in the HHP section? If he's pedigree and supposed to be red tabby and is a hot cream, he will be penelized on color.

I used Nexxus Simply Silver on my red tabby/white rexes. I think that the Bronze shampoos will work for red and browns.
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He's pedigree unfortunately. I may have to change the color class... Fortunately, CFA doesn't penalize color the first time showing, we just have to change the color class. If he remains in the red tabby color class, then yes, he will be penalized for lack of color. He was red as a kitten but he's looking more and more cream as he grows older!
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Good, that will help - do you have him registered yet? Be prepared to have a split on what the judges call him red or cream. Hopefully it will be a majority and not a 50/50 split

Good luck. BTW what kind of cat? What were the parents and were they dilutes or carrying dilute?

Thought you might want to know that Charlie will be getting his pre-pre showing bath - I'm washing him this weekend and then the Thursday before the show. Nancy says they look better after a 2nd wash - so if I had the time/shampoo (which I do) wash him twice.
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Lou's my Norwegian and was registered as a red tabby and God, I sincerely hope it's not a 50/50 split! He was a gift from a breeder friend and I never really looked at the colors in his pedigree - not really a CFA type of cat if you know what I mean...more European in type, especially in the shape of the muzzle.

Good luck with Charlie! Kitten class will be tough! I've been going through breed points and a couple of Nancy's cats are doing very well indeed!
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I know that - that's why she told me she was not coming to the St. Paul show because she has a kitten or two she's showing and felt that if her others were not there, then Charlie might get something. Problem is that there is no close by shows so if he does really well (I'm not expecting anything - never do with kittens) then I'm not sure what to do

The only other show he might be in as a kitten is the end of April (ACFA) and he will turn 8 months old on that Tuesday after the show - talk about cutting it close!
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Ahem... *Cough*... Pictures might help us determine what would work for your Lou... *cough/hint/cough*
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True, but she still would need good lighting and everyone's screen might be a bit off on colors - I've seen some that appeared both colors in the wrong lighting. I could tell better if Aby would get the pedigree out and look at the colors
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