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Just ran over Dinos tail

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OMG I feel so bad
Dino was sat behind my computer chair.......didnt know he was there I rolled back and he hissed then ran off, when I looked down there a load of hair stuck under the caster of the chair
I´ve checked him out and it looks like it was just the hair that got caught, theres a big bald patch now, the tail feels ok. I´ll keep my eye on him over the next few days
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Aw, he knows you didn't mean to. Don't worry

Trout always hangs out under my computer chair too, I have to be really careful as all her limbs are stretched out so there is always good chance of smooshing her if I roll my chair

Dino will be fine
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for poor Dino. They do eventually learn to keep those tails outta the way.
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Poor kitty! I am sure he will be fine, but do they ever learn not to walk up silently and sit behind you? The number of times I have trodden on Radar's foot and he never seems to learn not to appear out of nowhere an sit there!
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Awwwwwww Dino Im sure he will be fine
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Awww. He'll be OK.
I've done the same thing to Wilbur on occasion, and he's forgiven me.

I think.
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I just knew what you were going to say did it because i've nearly done that myself

Why do they sit/lie so near to the chairs like that?!
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awwww that sucks.... I accidentally stepped on LuckyGirl's foot last week....I opened the fridge grabbed the iced tea, turned around and she was right there! (probably planning her next lunch from the fridge ) She "rowwwwrrrrrred" real loud, and took off....I went after her and just hugged her and kept apologizing to her. She was still PO'd at me for a few days......
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Awwww Poor baby. The good thing is they seem to forgive really soon. Lots of hugs and kisses and treats and I am sure he will forget it ever happened.
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Is he ignoring you now? That's what my cats do when they get stepped on or rolled over. Dino will be fine
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Is he ignoring you now?
Oh he did for about 2 hrs, I got the cold shoulder thing I hate it, gave him lots of hugs n stuff, we´ve just had tea-time, so, alls forgiven when food is concerned eh
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Poor Dino....I know I have a hard time not stepping on Damita as she's mostly blind & basically walks into a person before she realizes they are there....she's forgiving if you rub her tummy, though!
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