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Can't resist showing her off.

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This is my new sweetheart, Maki. We just picked her up from the SPCA last Saturday. She's 8yo.

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Awwwww isn't she gorgeous! She's certainly settled in well with you
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aww, well I dont blame you, she is a cutie I also read your other post about cat-flu, I´m sorry I have no experience with this, but I am sure someone will come along with some answers for you
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Awwww Maki you precious baby girl
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Oh drats! I can't see photobucket at work! Anyway, congrats on the new baby!!!
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She's a real beauty!
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Awww... I loves black cats
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She's adorable, and seems like she made herself at home
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What a cutie! She looks like my Ivo (see signature).
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She's beautiful!

Thank you for adopting an older kitty! So many don't get that chance and every kitty deserves a loving home.
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Thanks everyone!!! I just love her to bits... I can't wait to get home to see her.

I hesitated a bit about getting an 8yo but I'm not in it to get my money's worth and she fit what we needed just perfectly. I just couldn't stand to see her in that cage and imagine how lost and heartbroken she must've felt. I just want her to know she's loved.

Ivo does look alot like her!!! right down to the lip spot.
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