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Kitten Scratching bedroom Door at night!

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We have two 7 month old kittens, they are brother and sister. We have never let them sleep in our room at night time, but they have beds etc in the hallway where they sleep. A few weeks ago the boy started scratching the door and meowing early morning (from 3pm onwards!!!) and it is driving us crazy.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to stop this? I've heard about the vacuum cleaner so will try that... any other tips? Any ideas why he does this? He is a bit soppy and I wonder if he just wants the attention?!

His sister, sits in her bed very happily next to him and I think wonders what all the fuss is about.

Please help!!! I can't cope with the early mornings at work and the cat waking me up before the alarm goes off. Thanks.
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Their still babies really so it sounds like he wants some human company My two sleep at the bottom of my bed even though they have their own bed, but i love them being there with me.
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Sounds like he needs his meowmy. Bijou always needed to suckle my neck for a couple minutes before he would settle down to sleep. It was our bond and I don't regret allowing him that small pleasure since it seems to have contributed to his laid-back, calm, gentle personality.
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He is doing it because he wants in your room. In my experience, cats do not like to locked out of anywhere they feel they have a right to be.

That said, if you decide to leave your door open at night, they may very well be waking you up before the alarm does. My kitty plops down on me every morning around 5:00am (I thought I was past that once my kids started sleeping through the night).

Not sure what you intend to do with the vacuum that would help. My only suggestion would be lock them in a room with their litterpan, food,etc... at night.
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Welcome to the night time crazies! The vacuum trick is good and so is hissing at the behavior. Mine still do it every once in a while and normally now I just let them in. But they don't do it all the time anymore. They are old enough now to settle down and sleep with us. So maybe put some double sided tape where they are scratching. They don't like sticky.
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Your post is so funny, I swear it could've been written by me!!!! I have two 8 month old kittens and they are not welcome in our room at night (we've tried it and it doesn't work). Anyhow, Ross usually will scratch at the door around 330 or 4am each morning or every second morning. Since I'm now awake I just get up and go pee and Ross will follow me into the bathroom; I will pet him a little bit and then go right back to bed and close the door. After that he is fine, doesn't make a sound until we wake up. I tell myself he does that because he had a bad dream and wants to see his mom!!! We have tried ignoring him while he scratches but he is very persistent! Give this a shot and let me know how it goes!
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Originally Posted by meow meow View Post
He is doing it because he wants in your room. In my experience, cats do not like to locked out of anywhere they feel they have a right to be.
My kitten Rascal is the same way. If I close the door, he cries and pounds on the door until I open it. Strangely, he doesn't sleep with me, although he will, once in a while, lay next to me. But I often wake up to find my other kitten Samson happily curled up next to me.

It sounds like your kitty LOVES you and wants to be with you as much as possible. Just leave your door open and see what happens. He's waking you up now anyways. If you leave your door open, he might come in and curl up with you. If not, at least with the door open he will probably stop the 3pm crying. It's also a security thing. If the cat has access to you it makes them feel safe and comforted.

Hope this helps.

Extreme Kitty Lover
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haa haa thanks Brigitte - yes that often happens in my house too. Once he's woken us up I get up and he follows me into the bathroom purring like crazy!
I know he just wants a little fuss made of him, (and he certainly gets lots of fuss in during the day!) and I'm not sure who's going to win - me with the door closed (cos they kept sleeping on our heads!) or him with the scratching....
Last night we also find that if we talked to him through the door he went back to sleep too!

We'll get there in the end.... Thanks
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Hello, i have been there and done that,

I have two suggestions the first is the vacuum one that one works great, just have it connected to a power bar and when they start meowing or scratching at the door turn it on.

The second is to get one of those plastic pads you put under your desk chair ( to make it roll on the carpet or keep it from scuffing the hardwood) anyways you need to get one of the ones that is for the carpet it has teeth on the bottom. Then turn it upside down and put it infront of your bedroom door. they wont scratch at your door because they dont like the feel of the teeth. The only problem is you wont like the feel either so i would recommend wearing slippers. lol

I hope this helps
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