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Some piccies!

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Barry yawning

Todd (Why he sleeps in the laundry room on top of dirty clothes is beyond me lol)




More to come later!
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Aw, Paris is gorgeous! I love the lop-eared one, too.
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the guy with the lop ear is Teddy. He had a hematoma removed a few months ago..and his ear is permanantly like that now!

Got some more pictures:

Melvin and Dora

melvin kissing Binx

There there buddy!

Melvin has quite the personality

Melvin profile

"Is Binx alive?" Says Charlotte.


sleepy Binx
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Dora..the camera made her wear green eyeliner for some reason,lol

Katrina grabbing the camera

strange Melvin


such a sweet little man! (he was feral when i chased him throughout the McDonald's parking lot.)
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awe they are all so cute
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