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HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!!! BOD AND TRUFFLE HAVE COME HOME!!!! Thats such great news!!!
Now lets just hope that Shandy turns up VERY VERY soon.
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I haven't been online all day and you have just made my whole day!!!! I am so THRILLED to hear Bod made it home!!! I just had a feeling he would!!!!!

Now I will just pray for Shandy's safe return!!!!
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So glad they're back! Two down and one to go. Hurry home Shandy, your buds are waiting for you.
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YAYYYYYYY! I just got on to read the news! I am so happy for you!
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Thanks so much everyone!! Still haven't heard anything about Shandy, but I did get wind of a nearby "stray colony" (not quite ferals!!) that a lady looks after, I'm planning to go see her tonight to see if she has seen Shandy... Shandy was always pretty "outdoorsy" as she was semi feral when we got her.... Hopefully I'll have some news soon

Thanks again all!!
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hey HammieBod That's good news. I will wait by the key board till I hear back from you. Everything is crossed again and I am typing with my nose. I am glad I am not male hehehehehehe!!! *sigh*
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So very glad that Bod and Truffles are home !!!! I KNOW that Shady will be back too. LOVE to you all

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The circulation has stopped in my fingers from holding them crossed. Is there sufficient good news to uncross them yet?
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Cross them for Shandy. Bod and Truffle are home and being spoiled rotten!
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Any news on Shandy yet?
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Any news on Shandy yet Bod! I hope that you have found here safe and happy to be home!
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Nope, still no news of Shandy, I have called the rescue centres again, and none of them have had any cats even similar to her descripton in.... I just have to keep waiting.
Thanks for your concern all.
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I am sure she will come home to you eventually....she is just probably out exploring the wide world!!! I will keep her in my thoughts and pray she comes home soon!
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Bodlover - it wasn't long ago we were writing "One down, two to go." Crossing fingers, toes, and sending more prayers for Shandy's safe return.

If I remember all the way back to the beginning of this thread, haven't you moved not too long ago? This has been a great, if painful, way to meet all the neighbors and get to know all the "cat people" in your new area! And now you're the CRAZY CAT LADY!

Shandy - come home soon! Your mommy misses you!!!!
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You know, you're right!!! I still haven't heard anything about Shandy, but I'm still hoping, - but yes, I am now known as "the cat lady" once again (in our old house I used to get kids coming to my door asking if I was "the lady with all the cats" and asking to see them)
It was actually quite funny, come to think of it, when Bod and Truffle were still missing - all the kids in the area kept bringing me cats asking if it was one of the missing ones, I said "No, its not missing, but it is mine" about a hundred times a day!! :laughing: (I can only laugh now they are back home!)

Come on Shandy...
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LOL Bodlover, it's my life's dream to become a mad cat lady!! :LOL:

Keeping Shandy in my thoughts...Come on home kitty cat!
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