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I'm just reading this now. I'm praying that by now, all is well and everyone is home safe and sound.

I will keep you and your furrbabies in my thoughts tonight.

Please keep us posted.
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Thankyou so much everyone, your prayers and thoughts and energy must have helped somewhat, because, TRUFFLE IS HOME!!!!! I put up LOADS of flyers last nigth and posted them through all the houses near me, a couple of little girls said they had seen Truffle in a certain area, I went and searched but she wasn't there, but then later inthe evening, a lady called me and said she had been feeding Truffle everyday!! She didn't have her then, but she called again thismorning just before I left for work to say she had her there!! Hubby and I ran over to the house and there she was!! And it just so happens that this lady lived in the area the children had seen Truffle Needless to say, she is safely shut inside now!! I thanked the lady for looking after her but politely asked her to not feed her again if she ever see's her out and about...
The children also said they had seen Bod, and a lady up the street also said she had seen him, but so far, we still don't know where he is, and sadly no-one has seen anything of Shandy Still, I'm leaving all the posters up, and the radio ads are still going out today.. so hopefully something will come of it, getting Truffle back so quickly has really given me hope, though of course, I'm still worried, but its a good sign.
So with your continued prayers/thoughts/energy, hopefully we can pull Bod and Shandy home too!!
Again, thankyou ALL sooo much.
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Welcome home, Truffle!

Rhea, that's a good start to a happy ending. We're all here to keep pulling `til the rest are home. Don't doubt it can happen!

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I'm so happy to hear that Truffle is home! I was thinking of them this morning as I came into work, and really hoping for some good news. Bod and Shandy are getting my "Come Home! Your Mommy Misses You!" vibes. Hope to hear more good news from you soon.
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Rheah!!!!!!!!! Wow! I am so happy Truffle is home....Woooo! You know, my Granny that it is very powerful to pray in numbers for the same thing (something like that)—wow! Got goose bumps!!

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Thank the Lord Truffle's home! I'm so grateful! Now, please, Bod, come home. And Shandy? No more walk-abouts, please! I'm still praying. I believe in the power of prayer too, and for some reason beyond our understanding, when many of His children ask for the same thing, it seems that God does answer that prayer. Of course, I have prayed privately and received countless answers also.
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Whew! I still have goose bumps......not to wear out my Granny's old sayings but, she called goose bumps Holy Goose Bumps!! You get em' when prayers are answered, so Granny said...She was right!


Granny had something to say about everything—She would have LOVED this place......now I know who I inherited the gab gene from......LOL!!
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oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please let the Board Magic keep working! Didn't see this until just now, somehow. With Truffles home and Bod sighted, it can't be much longer now!!!! oh please oh please oh please.....

Just wanted you to know. We watched a PBS special on cats just a few nights ago. There was a story of a cat in England whose owner's family moved. The cats moved with mom, but the kids stayed behind to finish school. It took six months, but the cat traveled 190 miles and found the young woman AT A NEW APARTMENT - not even located in the old neighborhood or near the old home! No one can explain this.

Thought this story might help you through these extremely difficult weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds.... of waiting.

Sending more "Come Home" prayers.

And lots of comforting hugs.

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Laurie - I saw that, too. It was a 3 Tissueboxer....Amazing!
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I am so thrilled to hear Truffle is safely home!!!! That is such great news!!!!!!! I will continue to pray for Bod and Shandy. It sounds very promising that the same children also saw Bod in the neighborhood...I have the feeling your cats will be home soon!!! I'm so happy for you!!
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Rhea - I apologize for not seeing this thread sooner, and I am very thankful to God that Truffles is now home safe and sound. I will certainly ad Bod and Shandy to my prayers straight away!
You are in my thoughts. You KNOW the power of prayer and hope ~ Your babies WILL be returned to you! I just know it!!
for Bod
for Shandy .........come home soon.
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I'm am so sorry to read of your missing cats. Sending GET HOME SAFELY RIGHT NOW energies for Bod and Shandy...

Is it possible for you to check out the area where Bod was seen late at night or very early morning when things are quiet? It can be a very good time to find missing ones because things are so calm.
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BOD IS HOME!!!!! BOD IS HOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankyou all so much for your support!! BOD IS HOOOMEE!!!!! We were woken up this-morning at 6:45am by a guy knocking at the door... it was the caretaker at the nearby school - Bod had taken up residence in the Caretakers cupboard?!?!?!!? I am SOOOOO pleased and SO relieved!!!! He's a bit thinner than he was - but I'm already working on that!! haha... when he saw me and I said his name he launched himself at me and started licking me all over!!!! Squirming and wriggling into my face and neck!!!! Poor little guy, I think he must've just adventured a bit too far and got himself lost bless...

Soo Truffle and Bod are now IN the house together... sleeping on Mummy and Daddy's bed... complete with a bowl of food, a bowl of water, a saucer of kitty milk and a saucer of kitty treats!! :LOL: :LOL:!!!

Now I'm sure Shandy will come home soon!!!
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Oh Rhea I am so glad that Bod and Truffles are home safe and sound my what adventures they have been having... I am sending homing thoughts to Shandy so that your furfamily will once more be complete. I'm sure it won't be long now.

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Thanks Bundy!!! Its really given me new hope that Shandy will retunr soon!!! I'ts only been two days since I put the posters up and I have two of them back already!!!!!!!!
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Rhea, that's so wonderful!!! I am sending lots of positive energy and prayers in your direction, and my fingers are crossed for Shandy to come home too!!!!
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Shandy will be home soon Reah. I know she will. I don't know what I would do if mine go missing. I panick if I don't see them for an hour or two. I go and round them all up and then I feel better, they always kinda look at me as if to say well what do you want? if you are not going to feed us then can you leave us alone please.LOL.

I have all fingers, toes and eyes crossed. I must say it makes it hard to type though.

Love and Hugs from us all.
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Bundy - you can't type with your nose then?? :LOL:

Seriously, thanks Bundy and Lorie
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How do you think the last entry got there??? get's a bit messy though if you know what I mean!! :tounge2: Bit hard when you cross your eyes as well heheheheheh!!!
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Rhea! You've made my day. First Truffle...now Bod. What GREAT news. I am very happy for you. I bet you're SO relieved! I'll say a prayer for little Shandy.'s safe return home.....

I'm leaving for 3 days to attend a conference. When I return Sunday, I will be looking forward to a PILE of good news......your Puppies...Shandy's return...hopefully, Bundylee's little Amy will have birthed them babies ....this list goes on!

Take care!!!
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thanks Kim!!! Have a good time at your conference!!
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Oh, Rhea, I'm so happy for you!!!! Now.........

Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home
Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home
Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home
Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home
Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home, Shandy Come Home
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HOORAY!!! I'm so glad Bod was returned safely to your loving arms. Sounds like he was happy to see his Mum, too. It's so good to know that your worst fears were untrue. What an adventure he must have had!

Now we can all just focus all our "Come Home" energy on little Shandy. Everyone chant along with Sabra, now...
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Rhea, I'm so happy I'm turning cartwheels! Now that's a sight you don't want to see! OK, Shandy, your turn now. Enough is enough!

Kitty party!!
:mimouse: :mimouse: :kitty5: :kitty5: :laughing2 :laughing2
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Oh my goodness! This thread is an emotional rollercoaster! I cried then whooped with joy then cried and then whooped with joy! Wow!

I'm sending my "Come Home" thoughts for Shandy!
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I agree lotsocats! Hang in there Rhea, mate!
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Isn't that the greatest feeling? Seeing your kitty for the first time in days ranks right up there with.... I don't know... sex?

Now if Shandy will come home it's a perfect ending!!! Thoughts, prayers and COME HOME SHANDY!!!!! vibes going out from this side of Colorado too!
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I'm so glad to hear that Bod's back... Sending out "Come home safely NOW, Shandy" energies...
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Bod babe. I'm SO pleased your furry angels are home. Fifi, Balie, Ferdy and I are praying our hardest that Shandy is on her way home too.

Please let us know news as soon as.
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Rhea, I just now caught up to this thread. I am happy to hear that Truffles and Bod are home, safe and sound. Along with everyone, I will pray for Shandy's safe return.

I have to say that when I first started reading through this thread, I had some terrible thoughts going through my mind. Only because it was a new neighborhood and more than one cat missing. We read and hear such terrible stories every day about animal abuse and I was almost in tears thinking something had gone terribly wrong.

I am so glad to read that I was wrong. And I send lots of prayers and hope for the return of the last "wandering" kitty!

XOXO from Jedi!
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