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Panic stricken... I'm falling apart....

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I'm sorry this is so long, but I haven't said anything about this before... now I just have to... I'll start at the beginning..
As most of you know hubby, me and the 7 kitties recently moved house (4 months ago) since then all has been well, the kitties adapted and got used to the new area very well, coming and going just as they always have (usually just staying put in the garden) in fact, they seemed happier than ever.
It all started about 6 weeks ago, Shandy (my semi feral female) went missing, this wasn't unusual as she often went "walkabouts" but this time, she didn't come back, I put posters up, got an anouncement on the radio.... nothing, she has STILL not returned... I was so disdraught I couldn't talk about it.... but now, now its war! About 3 weeks after Shandy disappeared, Truffle disappeared!! Thankfully Truffle returned after only a couple of days, but somebody had clipped her fur and removed her collar and tag!! I was FURIOUS!!! (seriously, you can't imagine how enraged I was!) I immediately put another collar on her and tried to keep her indoors (not easy) anyway, a few days later, BOD disappears?!?!!? Now I'm frantic, I mean I love my ALL my babies, but this is BOD.... I search all over for him, out late at night calling him searching... nothing.... about 4 days later he turns up, I'm SO relieved... BUT he has diarhea, which to me indicates someone has fed him something.... anyway, so there I am trying to keep both Bod and Truffle in the house, when hubby's grandpa come round and both shoot out the door they seemed fine, always in the garden and always there whenever I called (Bod ALWAYS comes when I call) but now, they have both gone again!! I haven't seen either of them in four days, they both disappeared again on the same day at the same time (roughly).... Today I have called all the rescue centres I can think of, nothing, I have an announcement going out on the radio this-afternoon and tomorrow, I have tried going out at night looking, I've tried smelly tuna etc, I've even tried the sweaty clothes outside thing and nothing.... which makes me SURE some-one has them and is keeping them indoors. Today I have made a pile of flyers to post on every lampost I can see, and another HUGE pile I'm going to post through every door of every house I see..... I know they haven't been injured on the road as there is only one "road" and it runs and ends directly in front of my house, - I can see all of it and its not a proper road anyway - jut a private one people use to get to their driveways....
Sorry this is so long but I'm beside myself.... since we moved, we started off with 7 cats, now I'm down to 4!!!!! I just dont' know what to do, if Bod doesn't come home I'll go to pieces I know I will... he's my baby, I've loved him and cared for him since he was 7 weeks old..... and Truffle is such a sweetie, please pleeease pray for them to be returned to me... I don't know what else to do... if the leaflets and flyers and radio don't work, I SHALL be knocking on EVERY single door untill I find them.

Again, apologies for the length of this, I'm just soo desperate....my head is pounding and my stomache is churning
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Rhea, if you haven't already done this, ask some of the people in your old neighborhood to watch for the cats also. They may be trying to go back to their old home.
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I had thought of that Lorie, but its really quite a long way away, and they have been out and about in the new area for 4 months so I don't think they'd have gone back to the old house, but it is a good suggestion we are still good friends with our old neighbours so I will be sure to phone them just in case.... thanks..
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I'm really sorry to find all this out. It certainly seems suspicious. I wish there was some way I could help. I will think and pray about you and for you.

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Thanks Billy, Sorry I didn't tell you earlier... but y'know, I'm just weird like that...
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Rhea, I'm thinking of you and sending 'COME HOME NOW!' vibes and prayers all the way from Down Under.
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Rhea love, you must be going out of your mind with worry. I'm thinking of you and wishing like mad your babies all come back safe and well.

Let us know asap if there is any news . . .
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Oh Rhea!!! This is such sad news. I hope that you do find all 3 of them soon!!! You must be totally heart broken and devastated. Good thoughts and vibes are coming your way from me, Socks and Boo.

Keep us updated!!!
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you poor thing! I can't even imagine the agony you must be going through. I don't have any good suggestions for you but I wanted to let you know I'll be praying for you kitties safe return.
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Thanks everyone, I'll keep you updated if I hear anything... I'm hoping this "mail shot" will give me some results..... *fingers crossed*..
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*crossing fingers and toes and eyes for you, Bod*
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Oh Rhea,

I was so sorry to read this. I know how you cherish every one of your babies. When you first got there you kept them all indoors didn't you? Not an easy thing to do I know. They may just be wandering now, getting used to the new territory I would hope, but the part about the collar and cutting the fur concerns me. I believe you might have someone up to no good in your area. I would ring the police, and just go talk to them. They may know of someone in your immediate area that would bear watching. Although you have no proof, having something on record would help.

Also contacting your old neighbors, putting out fliers, offering a reward would add to finding the 3 missing. You are doing everything right with what you have done. But don't give up hope.Oftentimes when this happens, and it happened to me when someone tried to keep my sweet Scatter cat- the cats will wait and escape at the first time they can. She went missing for 3 months and came back well fed and with a collar! And I never put collars on any of my cats. Best of luck to you, you have my heart in this.
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Thanks Hissy, unfortunately I called the police once before when one of my cats were missing, and all they said was "well, its a cat, thats what cats do" and made me feel a complete idiot...

I have contacted my neighbourse from our old house and I'm giong to approach the local school too tonight just incase any of the kids have seen anything, they play outside alot..

PS, yes I kept them all indoors for two weeks when we first moved, they've been out and about for 4 months now... thats why I think it'd be weird if they suddenly "got lost" y'know??
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I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I'm sending good thoughts, prayers, and positive energy your way, hoping your kitties will all come back.
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Dear Bod; My heart goes out to you. I wish I had a solution, but I shall be praying for the safe return of your babies. Try to stay strong. . ..I know it is easier said than done. I shall check every day to see if the news is good of their safe return.

Hugs and purrs, TLK and Smokey and Squeaker
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Oh Rhea! How dreadful!

You seem to be doing all you can so I don't have a lot of advice I'll be praying for your babies and for their safe return! Our dog went missing several months ago and I was in agony - I still miss her so bad!

Do any of the other neighbors have cats? Maybe you can talk to them and see if anyone has experienced anything like this? maybe if other cats have gone missing the police will do something?

Also, do you know of anyone taking care of feral cats in your area (again maybe ask the neighbors)? maybe they would know of any new cats around their feeding spot?
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Well as I haven't been in the area all that long, I will definately ask around in case any one else has had similar experiences....
I don't know of any feral cat colonies near here, but its a possibility, so I'll ask about that too, Thanks Anne, and I hope your baby turns up eventually too
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Rhea you and your babes have all my energy coming to them. "Come Home Now" energy flying out to Bod and Truffle. I will be waiting on bated breath to hear something....
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Lots of positive energy zooming down the M1 at you, Rhea.

Ask the local kids - they see things us grown-ups don't.
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Oh, Rhea! How horrible for you, here's some kitty come home energy and chants.

Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home
Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home
Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home
Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home
Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home
Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home, Kitties Come Home
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Rhea, my dear friend, what more can I say? I have suggested everything I could think of, and I've been praying all morning. I couldn't bear it, and I know how you're suffering. As I told you, check with the school kids, and as Lorie said, the old neighborhood. Children sometimes know more because they play outside. You poor lamb. You've been working hard every night on the house, painting, scraping, hammering, everything a man could do, and now you're out searching. I'd fly over there if I could. The police have me so furious! "That's what cats do!!" I'm sure we will all be praying for them to return. I will pester God with my prayers until I hear something. God bless.
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Rhea...I just now saw this!!!! I am SO very sorry to hear about this!!!! I don't have any other advice other than what has already been given to you here, but I want you to know that those cats will be in my thoughts and my prayers from now until they are safely back into your arms again!!!

Please keep us updated if there is any news!!!!!!!!
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I wish I was there to help you look for them my friend.

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Oh Rhea....
Wow, I am really sorry to hear this. You and the kitties will be in my prayers tonight—you can count on it! I know I wouldn't be able to sleep!

AND THE POLICE....well, never mind....Only positive words need to fly out of my mouth tonight.

I hope your next post brings the good news of your babies safe return!!

I'll be back to check on you!

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I am so sorry to read this! I am praying for the kitties' safe return. Like Hissy, I had a "not so good feeling" when I read the details. Keep us posted.
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Like everyone else, I am hoping your babies return to you soon. I can only imagine how scary it must be. Keeping my fingers crossed for a safe and quick homecoming.
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Bod count me in for kitty come home thoughts. I hope they come home soon!
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Rhea, there is another trick I have used that has been effective in the past. I took my tape recorder and recorded the sound of my can opener opening a can of cat food. I then waited till 3:00 a.m. went outside with the volumne up and played the sound out in the darkness. My neighbors were less than thrilled but my kitty came home! Good luck, I am praying for you in this situation.
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I hope Truffle & Bod come home safely
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Rhea, is there any news? I have been thinking about you and the cats since my last post! I said a prayer that God would guide them safely home!
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