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Neutered Cat

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I wrote about my cat being neuterd and I feel like hs is losing weight.
If there is something wrong (God Forbid) what are the signs that something is wrong. He does eat as usual and he runs.
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If it is a huge concern or he stops eating or you see major changes then I would get him to a vet. If he is active and lost a little weight, I wouldnt worry. If he loses appetite, you see changes in his skin/coat, he is dehydrated, his activity level changes, then have him looked at. You didn't mention anything about him. What breed, age, what is his normal activity level, how long ago was he neutered, has he lost a ton of weight, was he overweight previously and now he is more normal?

When is he due for his annual checkup at the vet? If it is soon you could probably just wait.
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Tomky is domestic shorthair. He is active. He was neutered on December 22 and after that he is eating well and he is active. I just hope that I'm seeing things that aren't there.
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You could find out what his current weight is and compare that to his pre-neuter weight. My vet has no problem with me bringing in my cats just to use their scale. Since I'm not seeing a vet, I don't get charged for it. If there's a significant drop (more than a few ounces) since the surgery, schedule an appointment or ask them about follow-up appointments (which are usually cheaper).
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If they used any sedation on him to neuter, perhaps your vet's office would have his weight and then you could check his weight at home. Just you get on the scale, and write down what you weigh. Then pick up the cat and get back on the scale and that should give you some idea of what he weighs, because there will be a difference in the weight.

Then you can tell if he is losing or what.
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