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D.T. Tuesday

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Good morning/afternoon/evening all!
It has been a while since I have started one of these, so here goes!

I snuck out here early and covered up the kitty condo with a blanket, so the wonderful 7 would stay a little quiet! I know, bad mommy!!
I stayed home yesterday, using the brat pack as an excuse, but have to drag myself into the office today - BOO HOO........

There is a Fall nip in the air today! Winter is just around the corner I am afraid!

I think we all need to yell to Amy to get a birthing for her momma!
AMY - Give us kittens!!!

And Bod - only two more days (not counting today) till woofs woofs will be at your house!

Life is good everyone! Enjoy it today!!
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THEY'RE UP!!!!!!!!
I will see you all tonight!
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I second that debra! C'mon Amy, give us a little peek at your little furbabies! you've got hundreds of Cyber Aunties and Uncles just about falling off their chair waiting for news! Good luck, little girl!
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I'm off, today and, since I got ALL of my errands done, yesterday: GOOF OFF DAY!!!

The only thing, to do is put a roast in the crock pot, later.

Have good one, all
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Is it only Tuesday? I was hoping it was later in the week than that.

I've been busy at work for the past few days, which has been nice. Been trying to keep up here, too. You guys have been pretty chatty lately - not that I'm complaining. I love it when it's busy at TCS. Add me to the "waiting impatiently" for Amy to have those kittens!

Not much else going on for me. I just hope this week goes fast!
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Autumn is here, it's official. I crunched through fallen leaves from the two beech trees down my road coming home from work today.

Rubbish day at work today - no desk, no work to do - waiting for the person I'm replacing to go on holiday, so I've actually got a role. I'm finding it really hard to be focused and be the "can do" temp when I'm scratching for work to do. Roll on Friday when I get to stuff 3000 envelopes (honestly, I'd rather be busy that not). But they seem to think I'm doing ok and have praised me to the agency (so at least I'll get some more work when this contract is over in a month or so).

Gosh I sound a right bundle of laughs today. Anyone heard any good jokes recently?
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I've got one!

When Beethoven died, one of his greatest students was devastated. He would go to the grave every day, replacing the flowers with new ones and spend hours wistfully sitting there, thinking of his great teacher.

He arrived one day and could hear a faint noise. He listened carefully, but couldn't make out wat it was. The next day, he could hear it again, only a little louder. He worked out that the sound was music playing, albeit very, very faintly. The day after, he arrived and could now clearly hear the music playing, seemingly coming from nowhere. He stopped and listened and then realised the music was Beethoven's...but it was playing backwards!

The student was most upset and called the caretaker over to the grave. "Do you hear that?", the distraught student asked. "It's Beethoven's music but it's playing backwards! Who would disrespect my master like that?"

"Calm down", the caretaker soothed. "It's only Beethoven decomposing."
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