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Can I ask a question?

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Was there a kitten/cat that still remains deep in your heart and why is that? What was your first thoughts when you saw this heart steeler?

Mine is Muggly Ugly, she was so homely, and in this little box when my daugther found her at the local store. She had mange, skinny and I thought girl what did you drag home now?

When I picked her out of the box and I saw her eyes, she was an angel and I knew right then and there. She had a plan for us. She allowed us in her life for 2 years. She was my constant companion. Let it be known I had a household of fancy cats, but no one was as wonderful as her. She left us when we moved. I took her to the new house and we didnt come back for 1 1/2 days. She got out of the screen, yes there was food and water and her blanket. And she never returned. We looked for months for her. I see pics of her and I still get teary. She was black, with dabs of orange and these great flying nun ears. She would tip her heard when you spoke to her as if she knew everyword being spoken. And the most delious kisses in the morning to say...well here I am! I was so bless with her.

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Patty - your story about made me cry.
I am not sure what makes that connection, but it is sure a blessing in my eyes.
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Patty, thankyou for your heartwarming story. I can only say that whenever I have felt the need for another cat, one usually just, kind of, drops in my lap, so to speak. I believe they choose us long before we think we've chosen them. Often a cat or kitten will stand out by being extra small, or by playing with your fingers through the bars of their cage or, as has been the case many times for me, just looked up and melted my heart with deep, expressive, soulful eyes.
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Patty, that was such a lovely story.

I have one kitten who will stay in my heart forever. My little Snake. He was a farm cat at my friend's farm house when I was in college. Every once in a while, one of her in-laws would drop off a bunch of kittens from her over-populated (and inbred ) barn at Mel's place since they had the family's grail silos on their property, the thought being to control the rodents in the outbuildings. Snake was from the only healthy litter that was ever there. Anyway, as for his name, we were really into the band Skid Row so Mel named the kittens after the members - Bas, Rachel, Snake, and Affuso. Since Snake was my favorite member of the band, he was my kitty and he knew it. He would hear my car pull up in their driveway and come running from anywhere on the farm. Mel said he didn't do that with any other cars, just mine. He was a little lover kitty, but definitely preferred me to anyone else. He earned his name, too. One day Mel looked out the window and saw him jumping around like he was possessed in the front yard. She went out to investigate and found him proudly dragging his prize - a garden snake. He stayed at the farm for almost two years (a very long time for the track record with the kitties the lady brought over). I graduated from college, and a very territorial mama cat came to live at Mel's house. She said that the mama and 'Nakers never got along, and shehad seen them posturing and exchanging swipes. He was always a very small cat (probably from the inbreeding mentioned above), and this female was pretty big. One day Mel saw him take off across the field and he never came home. I always chose to think that he just didn't want to be around that female and be pushed around, and found a different place to live. I have always regretted not taking him home with me when I graduated from college, but I know that wouldn't have been realistic. Mom and Dad had a dog, and Dad is horribly allergic to cats. But still, I always wonder what if? I still miss my little 'Nakers.
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Oh how sad! These are such sweet stories! The cat who has touched my heart like no other cat has or ever will is my Merlin, and luckily I still have him!!!
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