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Cat Swalloed Something

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Ok so I made a toy for my cat today with some fabric with catnip in it. I wasn't to concerned about the size of it until I saw him swallow the toy. Now i am worried for the little guy. Should I be concerned that he will have this small toy i made stuck in his digestive tract. should I take him to a vet?
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Yes he needs to get to the vet. Things can get stuck and he can develop a blockage.
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Oh goodness!! sorry to hear that your cat ate the toy.

Depending on what the toy was made of and the size of it there is a good possibly that it could get stuck in his digestive track and cause a blockage. I would take your kitty to the vet as soon as possible. Even if the vet decides not to remove it, he/she can monitor the situation to be sure that it comes out the other end

Please keep us posted!!, and welcome to our site!
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Yes, welcome to TheCatSite and please, let us know how your baby makes out. Please call your vet and let him/her know what happened.
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Poor little guy! Please keep us posted and let us know how he does.
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How big was the toy? Did your cat eat the toy itself or a string? If it was small enough the cat will probably pass it. The vet will most likely tell you to watch the cat for signs of vomiting, lethargy, not eating, etc. If that happens you should bring the cat in asap.
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