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Booster Question

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I got a postcard from my vet saying that Blue is due for the following booster:


Does anyone know what this is? I wanted to take her to Petco on Saturday for the low cost vaccination clinic but this isn't listed on the flyer. Is it a name for something else or is it something she can only get at the vet. I was just going to bring the card with us to Petco and show it to the vet there but I don't want to put her through the stress of a trip out if they can't do it. If anyone knows what this is please let me know.
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I am not sure what it means either. Could you call your vet's office and ask them......then call Petco and see if the shots they give are the same??
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I think its the 4-in-1 shot - rhino, calicvirus, distemper and one other one.

But its now recommended that you get vaccines every 3 yrs - not once a year any more - the vaccines last longer then a year - it was too much and overdosing them.
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Normally the annual examination is due at the time of the vaccinations, so I would also call the vet to make sure that Blue isn't due for an exam (which are always important.)
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Thank you all for your feedback. Her birthday is in Feb. so she will be due for her annual exam then. I guess taking her a few weeks early won't hurt and they can give her whatever shots she is due for. I just didn't want to have to take her twice in such a short peroid of time if it's not necessary, she get's really stressed out. I'll call the vet on Monday and make her an appointment. Thanks again.
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