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Charlie Pics - part 3 :)

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Ok I spent part of afternoon downloading, cropping, uploading. Will post a few now and a few later.

Charlie's fitting in fine now with both Keno and Ling as you will see.

Ling and Charlie at the window:

Ling and Charlie on the sofa:

Close up with Charlie and his toy mouse:

Charlie and Ling looking at each other:

Charlie/Ling on the treehouse:

Charlie hanging out above Keno:

Charlie and Keno - head shot:

Charlie - close-up:
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What gorgeous pictures! I really enjoyed seeing them, thank you for sharing. What a couple of cuties you have there.
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Aaaaarrrgggghhh! GK! I told you I wasn't going to look at his pictures!!! I WANT!!!! Absolutely adore the dots on his belly!!!!

Going green with jealousy!
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Aby, then you will have to come over here sooner, and contact Nancy and take one back with you.
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Between you and all the bengal people I'm about to die from "spotted cat urges". I want one sooooo bad. Charlie is such a handsome fella.
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I can give you a few ocicat breeders in your area - some are from Arizona
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Yay!!! Thanks for posting pics GK! He's so adorable and I'm so glad to see his integration with the resident fur-family went well!
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Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing.
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He's so cute
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I can give you a few ocicat breeders in your area - some are from Arizona
Ohhhh... you are so cruel. Directly tempting me!

Unfortunately it won't happen for a while yet. *sigh*
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They are adorable kitties!
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