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Pregnant cat??

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Hi, I have a cat that just gave birth 5 weeks ago and even though she's still lactating, she's eating awfully lot. And I have not been restricting her food intake. But now that the kittens are about to be weaned, what should I do?
Also, I wonder whether there is the possibility that she's pregnant again even though she hasn't been in contact with other cats?
It sounds ridiculous but she's really starting to sport a big tummy the way she had when she was pregnant.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thnks heaps
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Funiecat. I am not an expert here, and Hissy and Sandie will be better able to answer your question, but I am wondering if momma needs a trip to the Vet. Perhaps, she is retaining something from the pregnancy. I know that is probably far fetched, but a thought. It could also be that she is just very hungry - after all nursing kits takes a lot of energy!
I do know that the folks here will tell you that the kits need to stay with momma until about 12 weeks, to learn all that important cat stuff that is so unique to these beautiful creatures!
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If she hasn't come into contact with another cat, she couldn't be pregnant again. I would be concerned about either a parasite, infection or retained kitten. I would set up an appt with the vet for an exam.
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