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Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. My question is:
I'm in the process of turning an old cement chicken coop into a cattery. Will this be safe or should I be concerned with any health issues? It will be completely redone from top to bottom. I'm a complete newbie at this cattery business, so if I ask some ridiculous questions please bear with me. I'm also looking for any books or good info on anything that has to do with catterys. Thank you for your time. :-)
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Well, other than needing to pressure wash everything, you should be fine. I breed, but my house is my cattery and I have whole rooms for everyone. I dont cage, so I cant help there. The best advice is that everything needs to stay clean. Every little thing is important. I have seen some pretty bad breeders, so I could go on. If you have any particular questions ask away.
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I'm not a breeder but from what I've heard it's best to keep females (and hence kittens) inside the home. This especially goof for kittens socialization. I think it makes a better impression with potential buyers. I know I would be detered by caging.

As for books - try this page:
http://www.thecatsite.com/shop/booksbreeds.html There are a couple of books there about breeding in general. I know that Robinson's feline genetics is many breeders' bible (it'd on that page as well).

Which breed are you going to have? Maybe we can help with breed specific info.
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Thank you Anne and Sandie for replying to my questions. I don't have the room or the hubbies best wishes for having a cattery in my own home. But plan on this having a nursery, playroom and they will only be caged at nighttime. The rest of the time they will have all the freedom they want. I'm not sure what breed I want to go with yet. I'm still in the building phase and want to be all set to go before I decide on a breed. I love them all so it will be very hard decision :-)Maybe early next year, I hope. And will be very small to start with, until I understand all the breeding stuff. I will check out that site that you suggested and will try to get that book. Cause I will need all te help I can get. Thanks again and you both have a lovely week. CeeCee
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You sound like you will be a responsible breeder and you understand the need to allow your cats to be free and socialize. Staying small is very good and talking to an cat geneticist once you choose your breed is also a good option. I think the one thing people do not understand is that you have to know your lines and choose your breedings carefully to enhance the line and not bring in any diseases. Good luck.
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