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vibes for Eric

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My Eric needs some famous TCS vibes. I noticed this morning that he was having trouble urinating. He went to three different litter boxes within an hour but only little dribbles of urine came out. Because he had crystals and a urinary blockage about six years ago this really had me worried. The last time he used the box I found what looked like loose stool. He also refused to eat this morning. Usually he eats breakfast enthusiastically. He also was very quiet this morning- not like Eric at all.

So, he is at the vet's office now. I dropped him off because there were no open appointments today. The vet just called me. He said Eric's bladder is not enlarged. He's hoping to get a urine sample to check for infection and the urine pH level. Eric does have a bacterial infection in his poop. The vet said it's an opportunistic infection from bacteria normally present in the intestine and is usually caused by a change in diet upsetting the system. He's been sampling the wet food I've been giving the other cats. He's still eating plenty of his dry c/d but the different food obviously upset him. No more of that for Eric. And I know I'm a bad meowmy for letting him sample. I should be able to pick him up later this afternoon. He'll be on an antibiotic twice a day for the bacterial infection.

So, if Eric can have some feel better and no urinary infection vibes, please, I know it would help him.
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Sending feel better and no uti vibes. Once they have blocked, you spend the rest of their lives watching how they are doing in the box! I know as this is what I do with my Tyler
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Poor Eric, sending positive vibes your way. Hope the lil guy gets better soon.
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Oh Jean you are a good Mommy you could have never known that would pset his tummy. Vibes for Eric on there way
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Vibes for your sweet boy Eric and a good bill of health
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
Sending feel better and no uti vibes. Once they have blocked, you spend the rest of their lives watching how they are doing in the box! I know as this is what I do with my Tyler
Oh, yes, I always worry about him blocking again. Once was more than enough.

Poor guy, he also has to take prednisone for his asthma. He'll love having to take more pills.
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Much sends sympathy vibes. She knows all too well what it is like being stuck at the vet and expected to give that elusive urine sample. And the rest of us are sending get well soon vibes to Eric,
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Aw, I am sending many vibes for Eric Poor little guy
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Here are some healthy vibes for {({({({({(Eric)})})})})} and for you. :-)
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Sending {{{No blockage}}} vibes to Eric! Poor boy....
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Much sends sympathy vibes. She knows all too well what it is like being stuck at the vet and expected to give that elusive urine sample. And the rest of us are sending get well soon vibes to Eric,
Yes, I'm sure Much and Eric would understand each other. Eric has been through this routine at the vet's office before too. Never successful.

Thanks to all for the vibes.

Eric did not produce a sample today. He is home now locked up in the kitty room with food, water and a litter box with lab litter in it. I'm still waiting. I've never had any luck getting my cats to use a litter box with lab litter. Lab litter is those crystal pellets used in litter boxes when a sterile urine sample is needed. If this doesn't work I have another option in mind for tomorrow morning.

The vet doesn't think he is blocked. He said the intestinal bacterial infection and the slight diarrhea Eric has may have caused some dehydration. That could have caused the lack of urine. Eric was drinking his water normally yesterday and this morning but the vet said that may not have been enough in his situation. He did not say that I should force fluids.

He does seem to feel better. He's not happy about being stuck in a room alone. I can hear him howling and meowing. He ate well tonight after he took his antibiotics. He has to wait 30-45 minutes after the meds before eating so he was ready to eat. He's been back to the food dish at least twice after he first ate. I sat with him in the kitty room for a while and tried to encourage him to pee. No luck. I'll try again later. Wish us luck.
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If the lab litter doesn't work, you can try covering a normal litterbox with a clean garbage bag (unfolded so it's double thickness). Then you can use a syringe to suck up the urine.
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Originally Posted by Jean44 View Post
...And I know I'm a bad meowmy for letting him sample...
I don't think so! Don't be so hard on yourself!

Sending lots of good thoughts to your sweet Eric.

Cheers, from
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Well, it's 11:30 A.M. here and Eric still has not produced a urine sample. I let him out of his "prison" overnight because even if he did pee at that time the sample would not be good by morning. He's been locked up since 6:30 this morning. He's eating and drinking. He's alert and affectionate. I spent about 2 hrs sitting with him, reading the newspaper and pleading with him to pee. I kept saying "please pee, please pee" like some sort of mantra. He's been looking at the litter box so I think he's thinking about using it. He took his antibiotic this morning with no problem.

Cloud_shade, I hadn't thought of using a garbage bag. I'll try that if he doesn't produce in about an hour.

In the past I've been able to get a sample by slipping a clean, shallow dish under him as he pees. He actually let me do that. I've had a normal litter box and the collection dish available while I sat with him hoping he'd use it in preference to the box with the lab litter. I told him I'd let him out of the room as soon as he pees. No luck.

So, today both Eric and I need produce some pee vibes. Thanks to all for the vibes so far.
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Heres hoping Eric has peed by now and you got a sample!
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Thanks, Pam, for checking on Eric.
No, he has not peed. I let him out of his room at about 5:00P.M. last evening. I then followed him around all evening hoping to at least see him use the box. He did not use the box but he did spray against the patio window. There are two strays (both spayed females) who basically live on my patio and eat there. The urine that came out in the spray was more than a dribble but less than I would like to see. Today he has only eaten a few kibbles and I have not seen him drink water. I have a call in to the vet for further instructions. I have visions of forcing fluids.

On top of that Palekana is having problems. She vomited some clear liquid this morning before eating. Earlier this week she vomited some thin, yellowish liquid after eating. She also seemed to be having trouble eating her kibble yesterday and today. She twists and shakes her head as she chews or chews a bit and then spits out the food. I hope this doesn't mean dental problems. I left a message for the vet about her too.

I think they are ganging up on me. I can only handle one kitty problem at a time.
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Continued vibes for your whole bunch.

It sounds like Palekana is having a tooth issue Hopefully things will soon get straightened out with both Eric and Palekana

Hugs to you Jean!
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And on it goes. Palekana went to the vet today. Her teeth are fine but she has an ulcer or sore of some kind in the back of her mouth. That could cause her to have pain when chewing the kibble. I also caught her peeing on the floor in front of the TV this morning so she may also have a UTI. Oh, joy! So she will be on an antibiotic. The vet gave her Antirobe. This is the tablet that can be opened and dissolved in her wet food. I hope this works as there is no way she will take a pill by mouth. The vet said if that doesn't work there is a compounding pharmacist who can mix flavored meds.

I saw Eric's vet when I was at the clinic with Palekana. I told him Eric had not peed that I had observed and that he was eating only a little of the c/d. Since Eric does not appear to be in distress- his behavior is basically normal- the vet said to watch him over the weekend. The vet thinks the problem is a digestive upset not urinary. He seems to think Eric is not eating the c/d because I allowed him to have a little of the good tasting wet food. Small scolding to me. I don't entirely agree with that. I offered Eric some wet food to find out if he had an appetite at all and he ate only a little of it. So, we'll see what happens the rest of the weekend.
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Well thats good that Palekana doesnt have any teeth issues, but sorry about her ulcer. I wonder why she has developed an ulcer. I hope the antibiotic works for her either way.

And poor Eric, I will continue to keep them both in my thoughts and prayers.
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Well, tonight I'd say Eric is about 90% back to normal. He hopped in my lap for the first time since this episode started. His appetite is much better, although he is trying to get the good food the others are eating. I have to keep directing him to his c/d. I believe he peed today as I found an ENORMOUS clump of pee in one of the boxes. Eric had been hanging out in that area so I hope that was his. Still hoping to collect a sample. The doctor also wants a poop sample mid-week. I'll have to follow him around to catch him in the act and get a sample.

Palekana will not eat her food with the meds dissolved in it. I've tried two flavors both of which she has eaten before. She licks up the liquid and refuses the solids. She was willing to eat out of the other cats' dishes tonight and had a good appetite so I assume it was the taste/smell of the meds. Even Tiggy and Fluffy wouldn't eat her food. Tomorrow I think I'll get some Figaro tuna. It's really smelly so it may hide the meds better. If that fails I'll have to ask the vet about having the compounding pharmacist mix something. On a good note, she didn't seem to be having as much trouble with the kibble tonight. I have not seen her pee inappropriately nor have I found anything but that doesn't mean anything.

Tomorrow is another day.
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Eric finally provided a urine sample this morning-don't ask how I did it. I managed to get it to the vet's office before they closed at noon for the holiday. The vet called me and said the Eric is spilling sugar into his urine. Oh s--t, I think. So, the plan is to wait until he is off the antibiotic for about 7 days and then do a blood panel to get his baseline sugar level. The vet said that the prednisone he is on could contribute to this problem. He can't go off the prednisone because he starts coughing if he is off it for about 48 hours. I learned this when I experimented a few years ago to find out how long he can go without the prednisone.

His pH was 6.5, a tad high but that is because he snuck in some of the other cats' food (I think/hope). The last two days, since he got his appetite back, I've forced him to eat only the c/d, much to his disgust.
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They really can be aggravating sometimes. Sending more vibes for Eric.
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My, you certainly have your hands full. Healing vibes for your pretty kitties coming your way.
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Oh Jean ......... sending more vibes for your baby's
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Thanks to all for the replies and extra vibes. We need it. I just hope no one else gets sick.
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