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Very affectionate cat??

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Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I have posted. I have 2 cats, Socks (girl), and Scout (boy). They are 5 months old and littermates. Anyways, Scout has gotten very affectionate lately, and I wondered if maybe your cat does this. It is almost always when I am lying in bed. He starts purring very loud and he walks up and down me and he "head buts" me like crazy! This goes on for about 30 minutes, and if he walks away I can call him back, and he comes back and starts again! I never knew cats were this affectionate! It took Scout longer to warm up to us than Socks, but I certainly like this! Does anyone else's cat do this??

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He's just telling you that he loves you!
I just recently adopted my third kitty (Tiki)and she is exactly the same way. My other 2 (Echo and Bud) cats are the complete opposite. They only want attention when THEY want it...I've tried converting them since they were babies to become "lap kitties", but they didn't want any part of it. Tiki is very lovable and seems to never get enough of "loves and kisses".
Consider yourself lucky that little Scout does this...there are lots of cats that don't do that.
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I used to have a cat like that too. Midnight was a female cat I owned for 13 1/2 years. She was adopted from a shelter and I had a very strong bond with her which started right in the beginning and lasted until she died. Her behavior was almost identical to what you described about Scout. Besides giving me a lot of head butts, Midnight also purred very easily and very loudly whenever she was near me or was interacting with me. I really liked all that affection too.
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I have a snuggle-bear at my house. Trent comes up for snuggles when we're watching TV, wanting to be held like a baby, get his chest and tummy scritched, and get kisses. He also likes to lay against me when I'm laying down, and he snuggles just as close as he possibly can. I love getting snuggles and loves from my baby!
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are also this way, mainly by big Danny kitty--Bailey is more aloof about it. I must say one cat I had (I had THOUGHT it was a boy) did this--and I realized SHE was in season!!! LOL--I had to laugh because that's how I found out HE was a SHE. It was cute the way she chose us though, just came walking up our sidewalk to our door and that was that. Just a little skinny black thing--she eventually got stolen, I was heartbroken.

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My abyssinian Rocket does this all the time. His favorite times to do it though are when I am on the puter, or when I am sleeping. although Rocket will drool while he is head butting and being petted.
Isis and Luna will on occassion come up on the bed looking for petting and headbutting us but not as often as Rocket. Twig my oldest will stomp on your chest demanding petting but only for a minute then he runs away. I feel prilivaged they all do this. I feel it means I am doing a good job as a "mother".:tounge2:
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