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New Kitty Home

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I finally got my cat from the shelter today. His name is Lucky. My son is not a very patient teacher. Still don't know how he got this photo on here, but here he is:
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Congrats on the new addition!
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HE is gorgeous
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Ok, now I'll try it without my son. Lucky has not been too cooperative yet, but here are a couple more photos:

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OMG Lucky is GORGEOUS!!! Look at that mane He looks like he feels right at home, how cool is that.
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Congratulations on your new addition. He's quite a handsome boy!
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He is beautiful and so fluffy.
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What an adorable fuzzy kitty!

He will get more co-operative as he gets used to his new home. Those pictures are definitely exploring ones. You can see the curiousity in his eyes
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Yeah, he feels at home. He's already putting my poor little dog in his place. Cameron (the dog) was just sitting there, and Lucky came over to him, sniffed him, and growled at him. Poor Cam just sat there waiting for Lucky to move so he could take off. They're both doing much better than I could hope for considering its his first day here and he didn't have a dog before. Bedtime should be fun, but at least Cam sleeps with my son, so hopefully there won't be any spats. One of these days I hope to have a picture of Cam and Lucky together--brotherly love. (I can dream.)
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Your new addition is very very handsome! Lurve that ruff! He seems a very confident kitty, I'm sure he'll find his place in your home soon... but I wouldn't have very high hopes about the dog if I were you Poor Cameron!!
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He looks like a little black and white lion All that fur! And such a lovely sweet face too, bless him
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such a handsome boy
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What a gorgeous boy! Congratulations!
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ooooo how pretty, so fluffy i love fluffiness
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Thanks guys. I have got to get a close up of his face. He is comical. THe white on his nose is a little off center and one side of his nose is black, the rest pink. And his eyes look sooo big. I've been calling him funny face. Had to cut a couple of mats out from around his neck today, and he was a doll!
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Lucky is an absolutely gorgeous boy!
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Lucky is a BEAUTIFUL handsome fuzzy boy! Love those DLH's...hope to have one of my one some day!
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Love the 'Tabby Takes' in your signature too
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Aww he's a beautiful boy! Is he black and white or gray and white? It's kind of hard for me to tell cause you know.... I'm old and stuff.
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Congrats!!! He is very handsome!

Welcome to TCS Mr. Lucky Man!
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