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Up Close and Personal!

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OK, you all know how much we all love those really long threads full of everyones pics... especially when they have kitties in them! So how about a new one???

Lets start the close up thread! Mr. DeMille, step aside!

Heres a close up of Duke:

(I posted these in a different thread already, but heres the little gorgeous furball again!)

OK folks, lets see'um! I need kittie noseickies STAT!!!
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. . . . he loves giving nosetickles . . . .

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Oooohhh! Love that pink noseickie!!!
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I'll play! Here's the closest shot I have of Wilbur. Hmmm. Reminds me now to take more.

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Originally Posted by Candlemaven View Post
Hmmm. Reminds me now to take more.
LOL! You're on to me!!!

Wilbur is one handsome sealie boy!
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Here's my little bubba girl
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Aww! What a sweet face (and another pink noseickie!!!)

Keep 'em commin folks! And feel free to post SEVERAL times with as many pics as you'd like!!! (I can never get enough cute-face pics in my system!)
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(you know, I saw your pics in another thread and thats what gave me the idea!)
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OK, here's one of my girl Ginger. She asks that you please take notice her beautiful pink and black nose, thank you very much. And that her whiskers are black on the right side of her face and white on the other. She's quite the Harlequin figure. Oh, and of COURSE, those devastating eyeleashes of hers...

And my baby boy Ferris, passed out hard from a morning of stalking and pouncing:

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here are mine. first, Pixel - she's not too happy in any of these...'cept maybe the last one

and here's Java - they are my 2 pinky nose kits, & just don't photograph as well...

continued in a bit...
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i've got several of both Chip & Cable, so i'll do them each separately.
first, my boy...
his handsome shot

sleeping on my lap

investigating the camera


and his 'dirty' look!

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finally, my beauty. i won't bore y'all with all of them, tho...
when she was tiny

those hypnotic eyes...

a really long tongue!

some fine-looking whiskers

and a sleepy girl

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I have a few to add.

Pooh and Takoda



Mia, Takoda's favorite buddy!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post

Mia, Takoda's favorite buddy!
i just love Mia's face - i wish Java would open her eyes that much!
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