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no tail kitty

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short movie of itta aunt with 3 no tail kittens(no tail is common there) i thought some of you may enjoy

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Oh those sweet tiny babies Just Adorable
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Awwwwwwwwww look at those little muffins
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oh, drats! ***insert bad words here*** I can't see photobucket at work.... ***note to self, must check this out at home....

I no tail (and cotton tail ) kitties!
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Haha they're very cute!!! I think little stumpy tailed kitties are gorgeous as well!
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Heather and Sarah - you wouldn't be biased, now would you?

What cute little babies!
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awwh, what adorable little ones!!
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That little tiny "mew" before the video ends will just melt your heart!
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glad to see people enjoyed that.

lol part of the conversation we had after i told her i posted the movie
23:58] itta thats whitey, rudy & lecky
[23:59] itta: my aunt only have 1 cat that has normal long tail
[23:59] itta: and that cat being abused by another tailess cats
[23:59] itta: they play with his tail all time
[23:59] itta: and his fault too- he keep moving his tail arround
[23:59] itta: make all want to catch that
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