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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for Willie and for you. Take him to your vet and see what is up with him. It does sound like he didn't have a good time being out there all alone. Make him a inside cat when he is all better.

Keep us posted on how he is doing too.

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Trixtersmomma and LSULOVER are absolutely right. I hope Willie gets well soon. He and your other cats will be a lot healthier (and less liable to put you on an emotional rollercoaster) if they are indoor pets from now on.
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we have tried to make willie an indoor kittie, the closest thing to it was he would go out and sun and come in and at night to no one was allowed to let him out !!!! Its hard to train an outdoor kittie to be indoors when actually thats how he grew up till he was three he was a stray until the animal rescue league got him and he was a social cat but also feral...when we brought him home we tried for the indoor kittie, it just didnt work that well !! And at least if he goes spend time with gram where there is less stress (besides when the kids visit) and it is a one floor place it will be so much easier to teach him to be indoors as of here...well also I just woke up and I spent the whole nite fighting sleep (go figure I have to stay up and i am actually tired at a decent time) But I fought it and then my mom came to check on him around 7 am and I filled her in, today we did make a little improvement that he had a few bites of dry food we are drinking water, and he also ventured through out the house well he tried to at least, he has no problem jumping off of things its just getting up things thats hard and we are able to move his legs and no problems but the limp, we are making a vets appointment for tomarrow or saterday for willie! I am just hoping it is all fine, he did try to walk up the steps today and couldnt so I carried him so he could sleep on my moms bed a little and then I left her room and he followed but now he is back behind the chair downstairs, and myself I had to come check on my 2 brats because well they were in my room all alone since last night (worries me) but they keep smelling willie and giving me the sniff down I am so glad that there are improvemnts from yesterday, he did use the litterbox, and is drinking water and just took some food so thats a major improvement and he is walking or trying to explore so I will keep seeing if he wants food and water, or has to use the litter box and things like that and of course cuddle, his time outside was not a good one at all so lets hope he doesnt wanna go back out, hes my willie and my little love bug and I gotta find his brush so I can make him look pretty and he would enjoy getting brushed he loves it, my mom lost the brush though ! I just really wish I knew what happened and that I could take the pain away, so last nite it was me and willie on the loveseat well at least me until he woke me up cause he wanted to come and lay on me! It does worry me since he is an older cat and at least we are making a vet appointment so we can get to the bottom of this and no diarreah just when we came home yesterday but that could of been from the shots and from getting dewormed, so lets hope he wants to eat. We have a shcedule were he will sleep behind the chair for a few hours then come out and I a) cuddle with him b) take him to see if he will eat or drink anything or c) take him to see if he has to use the litterbox !! So at least I can hopefully get some school work down...but I really should get caught up on some sleep because its me and willie again tonite !!! so lets keep praying that his improvments get better, so far 2 improvements since last night so thats not bad I dont think !! Keep the prayers up, and thanx everyone for soo much and for keeping willie in your prayers ! But now I gotta go and deal with my sinuse issues and a bloody nose at least I hope its my sinuses, with all this in the last past 2 days idk I think I have lost my mind I couldnt believe it but our baby is back, and hopefully does alot better !!!
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We just recently brought Elliott into our home.
He showed up at my neighbors door in June of 2005, they said he appeared to be no more than 2 months old.

When we moved into our new home, we were here for three days when I spotted him, I KNEW I had to bring him...he's such a sweet little man.
He was an outside cat for over a year and a half.
At first I was worried that he wouldn't "Take" to become an indoor cat, boy was I wrong..he screamed for the first 10 minutes he was in and that was it.
The other day I opened the door to the upstairs porch, he stood in the doorway, looked out and turned around and went back into the house.

I'm telling you this LONG story just to let you know that you can make a stray an indoor cat....granted Elliott's case is probably not the norm, but maybe if you could get him used to a harness you could take him outside on a leash.

I wish I had a better suggestion for you as to how to make him an indoor kitty.

When you say it didn't work that well when you tried to make him an indoor kitty, what did he do?
I'm sure he howled and screamed and ran for the door everytime it was opened, but where there other things that he did?

Maybe if you posted exactly what he did, someone with the same experiance will be able to give you some suggestions.

I'm not saying any of this to be mean and I don't want you to take it the wrong way.
I'm just trying to think of ways that Willie could become and indoor kitty so that you, your Mom and especially Willie never have to go through this again.

Bless his little heart, I'm so glad that you found him...Please let us know how he's doing and what the Vet has to say.
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When ever we would let the dogs out he would run out, but we didnt really worry because he would go out for not that long and in the summer when he was out hes more than likely would be down at the pool with us !!! me and willie sunbathed on the deck to the pool all the time... !!!! Also but we werent doing so good but please keep praying everyone I think your guys prayers are working, we are making progress today he started to eat its only a little bit but he is eating, I had pizza and he came out even while the kids were here and i gave him a piece of cheese and he ate it so my mom gave him so ground meat and he ate some of that too, so she put him on the counter away from the dogs and gave him more but he didnt eat it so she got out some wet food and he ate only a little bit and while I was downstairs he took a few moer nibbles of dry food !! So I think I am making some pregress and also he hasnt gone to the bathroom yet today and his meow has gotten stronger to and it looks like he is walking a little bit better today !!!! his gums are a little white though but now that he is eating I think that is a great improvement do you guys?? Well thats it for now, I will update later tonite !!!!
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