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Please look at my avatar. It is a pic of Jedi. Is it too small or does it look OK?
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I can see it just fine. Looks like just the right size. Jedi is very cute, BTW, but you already knew that!

Congrats on reaching 100 posts, too!
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Thanks Heidi!
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Jedi is one handsome puddy tat!! Whoops! I've been on that road trip with Mr. Cat, and he has Sylvester with him. Anyway, Jedi is adorable, and makes a great avatar.
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Looks good!
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It looks great, Carla!
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It is just tooooooo cute, that way Jedi can be with you here too.
Excellent job.
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Looks perfect, size and color are uniform.

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It looks adorable!
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Carla, isn't it fun choosing your very own pic once you've reached 100 posts? :tounge2:
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Looks good!
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Woohoooo! Yes! We've all become "adults" Carla, Leslie and Tania! I've been waiting to reach this point so I could cusomise my Avatar and had almost forgotten all about it!

Being the indecisive type I've just spent about an hour trying to decide what pic to use - this will have to do for now until I get some new pics of Phoebe to use.

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Lisa, Carla, Leslie and Tania The Brat Pack :tounge2:
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Yes, you are! Now go wash your computer's keyboard out with soap. UM--someone told me what those initials meant. I-umm never knew before- yeah, that's it; someone just told me.
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I want my own avatar too, darnit! Only 70 more posts to go!
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Sorry Jeanie
Ummmmm How do you get the water out between the keys????

The Brat Pack

Lisa, Carla, Leslie, Tania and Kim
:girlie: :girly2: :girly1: :bubbly:

jgaruba - Mini Brat Pack! :tounge2:
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I think your Avatar looks fine... I think I changed mine a dozen times and I still don't really like it....still working on ideas......


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The Brat Pack...I love it! Reminds me of one of my all-time favorite movies...The Breakfast Club

EAT MY SHORTS!!!!! :laughing:
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The Brat Pack rules Woo Hoo!!!:tounge2:

Hey Kimmy did ya see the head I got for you???? Is it okay????
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Ooo Ooo Bundylee I am LOVIN' My Head! Thanks!
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LOL I am glad you like it. I must say you are far more beautiful though.
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You guys are too funny! Hey Carla, The Breakfast Club was one of my favs too. "So this blonde walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a sausage under the other..." LOL We had to get it as soon as we saw it out on DVD.

Jenn - it doesn't take long to get those 70 posts. The Alphabet Game is a great way to boost those posts!
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I'll say! Even better if one knows the alphabet....right Bundylee?
(tattling on self for screwing up the alpha order, of course, Bundylee was right on my tail and caught me every time) ROTFL
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The alphabet game, hhmmm? I think I'm going to have to go take a stroll over to that post. It looks like somewhere you need to be creative... Thanks for the tip, Heidi!

*is off on a mission*...
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Hey BundyLee - I forgot to tell you! Your computer will explode when you reach 200...so put some protective eye gear on..it's temporary, I swear!!! LOLOLOL! - Kim
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Thanks for the LATE warning Kim!!!!!!

*Picks out bits of computer from her hair and eyes*
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Hehe, thanks Tania... I'm trying! Only 60 more... :tounge2:
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LOL! A poodle under one arm :laughing2

I have it on DVD too...and I watch it all the time!

Which character did you most closely resemble (personality wise) when you were in high school???
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