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spewy cat

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Hi all

my female cat has been chucking up recently

twice yesterday morning and once this morn...really small amounts though...yesterdays was more liquid and some undigested munchies and today was all clear liquid

i havent changed anything in her diet or environment so duno what is up with her...the 2 boys are fine

ive noticed she seems to scoff her food...she is like a feline vacuum cleaner....she has always eaten frantically and if you see her you would think that she is being starved the way she eats...she eats so fast you can hear her sucking the food it

i dont know if this is because when we recused her she was maybe starving so now just eats like she may not get fed again

u think her eating this way is making her throw up because she isnt chewing properly? but why just in the mornings then?

pls help im not overly worried because she is healthy and happy apart from this but i just want to know what could possibly cause something like this to just crop up

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Try to slow down her eating by placing a few (well washed) rocks in her bowl (if they bowl is big, use a smaller bowl) so she has to work for the food and can't just vacuum it up.

Try placing her bowl a few inches off the ground, a city sized phone directory book usually works)
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Along with slowing down the eating, do you think perhaps that she may have a hairball? Some hairball stuff might be good to try for a day or so and see if things can be normalized.
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