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Very confused

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A little background first. My little boy Loki came to me almost 6 months ago, he is a Bengal. I adopted him from a breeder who could not sell him since he was considered very shy. In the meantime he as improved 100%.

From day 3 he always slept with me, it might have taken him an hour or so to come to bed after I had turned out the lights but he always did. Now about a week ago he started this new habit of sleeping under the bed at night, let's say until 3AM, and then comes and cuddles. He never crawled under the bed not even when I first got him and he was scared. The weird thing is he only crawls under the bed at bed time and will come out if I get out of bed and follow me. Otherwise he plays like a wild man, drinks, eats, poops and pees - oh yes and greats me as normal.

I also want to state that I do not think he is hiding, he does not seem frightned since when I reach my hand under bed to pet him he stretches, purrs, etc.

I know he has a lot of quircky behaviors and Bengals in general do - that is part of their nature/charm. So what do you guys think??? Any input would be helpful - since my braincells have come up with ZERO. Thanks in advance
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Are you sleeping with different covers? The first night we had our cat (then a scared 11 year old), he burrowed under the covers and slept between my feet. We started using a thicker cover and now he won't stay longer than 15 minutes. About an hour later, he crawls on top of the covers and is warm and wonderful.

Also, he may be waiting until you get comfortable or fall asleep so you don't move around as much. Gremlin will only sleep by me because he has less of a chance of getting flung into the hallway in the middle of the night. Or maybe he's waiting for you to warm up the bed!

Don't worry though, even the most sociable cats need some time alone. I think sometimes they do it so we cherish the cuddling time.
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My two newest kittens sleep under the bed for several hours before coming up to bed as well. I think it is to let the older cats find their own places on the bed first. Then they come up and find whatever space is left. I have found that it is just a quirk they have.
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