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Kitty too rough with the Elderly?

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In July of '06, we took in my in-law's 13 year old cat, who had previously been kept in a basement at their house. He is severely overweight, and he had the obese cat matting on his back and haunches. Then, in August, we got the kitten that we were promised from a litter born in June. Also a male. The introduction was slow and without any trouble, but as the kitten (Squirrely) got brave enough to approach the oldest (Morissey), Morissey would swat and hiss, just wanting to be left alone. This lasted a couple of days, and then the two could be found sleeping together in the base of their kitty tree like old friends. However, as the kitten got older, he'd insist that Morissey wrestle with him, and he didn't (and still doesn't) take no for an answer. Now, going on seven months, I feel like he's bullying poor old Morissey and antagonizing him to pieces. He does not seem to be acting aggressively, just playing and pouncing and kicking and biting whether Morissey wants to play or not. Meanwhile, Morissey yowls and hollers until my husband or I come to the rescue.

Is my kitten being aggressive and I just don't realize it? Or does just have too much energy to go around?

I have a neutering scheduled for next month. Is this likely to change this behavior? Squirrely is lean and lanky. He's a miniature tiger if I ever saw one. And this is what leads me to think that he really only wants to play play play. Morissey doesn't cower around the kitten. He doesn't act afraid of him, but he sure sound pitiful when he's pinned beneath my little wild man.

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Well, you didn't say how old the kitten is, but definately neutering is always the first thing to try. If he is already over 5-6 months then he may have some crazy male hormones kicking in.

Or he is just being a kitten. If your other cat is handling it okay then I wouldn't worry too much. One day if your cat has had enough, he wil get the kitten back I'm sure.
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Believe me, if the older cat didn't want any part of this, there would be blood and fur all over the place.

He may just be hollering for mom or dad to take this little pain in the but out of my face-type hollering.

Neutering will calm the newer one down somewhat, and they may all live happily ever after........or not, you can never tell with cats.
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