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I have returned!

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Whew... after a hectic second half of the year, I am now back!

I am happy to report that Marigold and all six of her kittens have found happy forever homes! Firefly and Serenity even got adopted out together! I got holiday cards from several people and e-mail with pictures from others. They all seem happy and healthy. I'm so glad that I found good homes for them all. It was no easy undertaking.

My own cats are doing well.

Frodo and Strider are sliding gracefully into middle age. Frodo is still his antisocial, grumbly self. Strider has taken to playing (playing!) with Legolas when invited, even though he's slow.

Glorfindel needs to go on a diet badly. He just started getting switched to Weight Control food today and he has let me know very loudly that he doesn't like it. I've put the normal cat food up high where the other cats can get it but he can't. He'll thank me when he can squeeze under the bed again.

Eowyn has recovered from her summer skin condition and is finally starting to get fluffy again. We've also solved the problem of her peeing on my bed. Seems she's just very particular about her litterbox and won't use one that the boys have used. So she has her own litterbox in laundry room that only she is small enough to get to.

Legolas is still my sleek little hunter. We don't have mice, but he's pretty happy chasing spiders. When spiders are not available, he actively searches and destroys glitter balls and catnip mice. He's taken to protecting Eowyn from mean ol' Glorfindel, so they get into scuffles alot... but no blood drawn and no serious fighting.

And I am resisting the urge to adopt another furbbay from the shelter. They have a GORGEOUS siamese kitty named Cosette that has all but stolen my heart. But I don't think I can fit any more cats into this house!

Ah well... someone will give her a good home.

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I remember those precious babies from your siggy. Welcome back! Im glad you found homes for them. Dont be a stranger. Glad to hear all your furbabies are doing good!
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All look at all those sweet faces!
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I'm glad your back and doing well Glad the kits got homes too
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Glad you're back!!!
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