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THIS is why I am SO MAD/upset.. *pics*

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This breaks my heart so much. These cats I have been feeding for almost 4 months look so much better, but once in a while a new cat comes, and reminds me how they used to look.... they are all from the same place, where they have been released to breed and breed and fight for survival, and obviously aren't getting nearly enough food. They are all inbred, and some have health issues with their eyes, and one with a mouth problem.

These first pictures are of the newest cat who started coming here only a few days ago. You can clearly see that he or she is emaciated. The cats legs are so skinny, no muscle mass, his/her bones protrude, and the tummy is very bloated. It makes me so sick that people let this happen.

These two pics are one of the males. I call him Bruno cause he's always had large shoulder blades lol. The first one is when he had been coming here for food for probably a month or so (had already gained some weight), and the second was from today, almost 3 months later. He's the one in front.

This is a young guy with a bad eye. He has only been coming here for about 3 weeks or so, but he looks better already and he is playful! He still growls and hisses at me, though, he is very feral, and his tummy is still kinda bloated. My gues sis that he is about 4 months old.

This is Elliott, the boy with the mouth infection. I am praying that when we trap (set for this saturday) we can get him, and then when he gets to the vet, that the Dr. can fix him up. He has come a long way. He was also VERY skinny, and his hair was VERY dull. He looked absolutely horrible. With a few months of getting good nutrition, and me trying to find help with TNR (it's all set!!) his coat looks much better and he has gained lots of weight! He also lays around and grooms, and he plays, climbs trees, etc, when he didn't before at all. If the cost for his care is too much ($400 has been donated to him!), or he has an infectious disease, though, he will have to be PTS. PLEASE send all the prayers and good vibes you can for him. I really want him to survive. He has come so far.

I know, the pool table looks horrible. Elliott tends to get food everywhere when he eats, and I feed them on the pool table to try to keep most of the food elevated so skunks don't come to eat it! lol I do end up putting food down, tho, too, during meals cause some of the cats like to eat separate from the others. lol

I can't wait til all these cats are fixed and feeling better! I will keep you all updated!

**ETA, for some reason two of the pics are not resizing right, even though I resized them on photobucket and updated, etc. Sorry. If a mod could get it fixed, I would appreciate it. I don't know why it isn't working for me.***
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Aw, those poor babies. They deserve to be curled up on a warm lap
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Aw, those poor babies. They deserve to be curled up on a warm lap
awwww absolutely they do

bless you for all that your doing to protect and look after these kitties. I have no doubt its a long process but in the end you will succeed. How wonderful of you

Thankyou for sharing all these photos with us. I look forward to hearing updates of all your ferals.

btw - all the photo sizes look fine to me. Maybe you cant see that they have actually resized on here. Try logging out of TCS and logging back in and hopefully you should see that the sizing is okay.
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I agree. I wish I could get them all adopted, but they are pretty wild.
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Thanks huggles. I will try that.

Thank you also, for your kind words. This has been SO stressful. I just want these babies to have the best life possible. How they've been treated until now is unacceptable and heart breakingly cruel.

It feels good to know that their lives have changed (and will change much more once TNR starts) SO much for the better.
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It's very Heart braking to even just think how many don't have anyone to Love them I have alway's said there are alot of people that care, just not enough people that care enough, after awhile you just start disliking people who dump them, or neglect them. It's so so Sad.
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Half of KittenKiya's Clan are feral, they looked bad when they found my house. God, those poor makes you want to run out and hug them and let them know that they will have food and warm place to be for the rest of their lives. God, this hurts.
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I'm glad there are people like you out there who help these little guys. It's hard to imagine the one with the eye problem being feral, so cute!!

I don't understand feral cats. What makes them that way and is it reversible?
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What an angel you are for helping these poor babies Their all gorgeous, but is that poor cat with the bad eye a pedigree because he's stunning!.

Good luck your doing a fantastic job, and sending them all (((((((mega healthy vibes)))))))
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Aw, those poor babies. They deserve to be curled up on a warm lap
If they are strays that can be socialized, I would agree...however, feral cats have found their nitch outdoors and it is oftentimes very difficult and can take a very long time to work with a feral cat. That is why TNR, Trap, Neuter, Return is so allows for the feral cats of the colony to live out their lives under the watchful eye of their caretaker but since these cats are spayed/neutered, they can no longer add to the homeless cat population.

TrixtersMomma...once you do TNR them....I would see if any of them can be placed. Perhaps contact the Siamese Rescue on the kitten.

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Thanks for what your doing for these precious cats. It's a wonderful thing.
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The first cat looks just like my brother's cat that disappeared several months ago, but unfortunately that was in Chicago, else I would think it might be him!

You are doing a great thing for these kitties and I hope they can find some sort of home, as a barn cat or something maybe. Like Katie said, maybe contact the Siamese rescue about the little one with the eye problem. He's gorgeous!
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We can't save them all but if we can help them in anyway it is worth it! I am glad you are able to be there for these beautiful kities. The first two pics reminded me of my Fiona when we first got her. I didn't realize at the time that she was so unhealthy..i just thought she was a petite miss! But she has grown so healthy and meaty....a real athletic cat!
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Bobbi - you are doing such AMAZING work!!! You have accomplished so much for those poor babies - it's an inspiration on what one person can accomplish!!! SENDING MEGA PRAYERS AND VIBES FOR ELLIOTT!! And adding more for the trapping!
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Wow!!! How do you get those lovely closeups of them? I can't get any closer than 10 feet to the ferals I know...
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Thanks, all, for the kind words, etc. I appreciate it. This has been a heartbreaking AND a heartwarming experience.

Callista, these cats are feral/hard strays. It has taken me months to get to the point I am at now with them. I have been very patient and worked on gaining their trust. Most of them let me love on them now! They are very smart and appreciative! I can't wait til they are all fixed. Unfortunately, trap day had to be set back to next month, because of the cold. The angel who is going to trap could not make it here because of icey roads, etc.

Elliott also missed his appointment... He has another one set for this coming Tuesday, though, so PLEASE send prayers for him! Thanks!
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Well, I think what you're doing is absolutely amazing. Bless you for taking care of these feral babies...they're hard to tame, and sometimes they never quite get there despite the hardest of efforts.

I hope each and every one of those sweet kitties will fatten up a bit, and learn to trust and love people.
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Thank you very much. Most of them have, but there are more over there who havent made their way here yet. We shall see.

Unfortunately, Elliott, the boy with the hurt mouth, had to be sent to the bridge last tuesday. He was diagnosed as FIV positive and most of his teeth were rotten. The infection was very bad. A life of caging and pilling, etc, was NOT The life that would have made sweet Elliott happy. Now he is at peace and died with dignity instead of what could have been a slow and horrible death. It breaks my heart, but I know he is thankful. He was suffering. I pray to God that more of these kitties don't have the same condition.

I am fostering some georgous kittens from the house across the street, until Saturday when their new foster mommy will be meeting me to pick them up, along with like 5 more babies from over there. They were both bloated and had diarrhea, but they are doing much better now! My tiny travel trailer room isnt the best place to foster, but when I saw them and how small they are, I knew I had to keep them out of there. I will post pics soon!
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