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Identify this breed?

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Can anyone help me identify this breed? I have seen a few cats with similar characteristics, but I can't seem to find the breed name anywhere

(I'm assuming these cats are both the same breed. Specifically, I would like to know about the first one!)

Thanks in advance! If you need any more images, I know of one other that I will find as soon as I get home...

- Aaron
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My guess would be an orange tabby by looking at the second one and I've got to say, I feel sooooo sorry for the second one. How in the world does a cat get that fat, by eating a pound of lard every day?
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Haha, I have no idea. That poor thing even looks hungry in the picture. Yeah, I'm a total moron when it comes to cats, and everyone in my office seems to agree that it's a tabby.
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It appears to be the love child of Garfield and Jabba the Hut.
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I agree - it's an extremely obese red tabby DSH (Domestic Shorthair).

Do you know the owners? They need to get the poor cat to the vet ASAP for a carefully monitored diet.
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My 2 cents is that whoever took the pic altered it to make the second pic look enormous. There are some great programs out there, and we have seen some good hoaxes especialy after 9-11.

Where did you find this pic? Does it say who the photographer is?

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KATL8E...LMAO! 2 funny...

I feel sorry for that poor kitty. He/she must have a hard time getting around carrying all that weight. How can people let their animals get that severely obese? Poor animal will surely die at an early age if someone doesn't do something soon.

Guess it's a good thing I have many interactive play times with Jedi every day. He may wear out a little sometimes (and so do I!) but at least he is active and will NEVER look like that!
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I'm sure it is an altered pic. Never believe what is unbelievable on the internet

Looks like a red tabby to me.
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I found the cat when I somehow stumbled across the site http://www.tubcat.com. It's just some normal person with no sense of humor trying to be funny by acting stupid. It really doesn't work out
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The idiot, running that site can't even spell. His/her typos are worse than Debby's
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Hey now!!!! Watch it!! My typos aren't THAT bad....well okay, maybe they are!
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I think the tabby killer it's owner!!!
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I don't think the picture is doctored... There are manipulated images on their site but the quality is poor so I would guess this is a real picture.
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My Phoebe's diet starts tomorrow!!!

She was overweight when we adopted her 3 months ago and I don't want her to end up like that!

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Diet??? What's a diet??? Is that like the see-food diet?

I tell you what, it's often sooo hard to get an overweight furbaby to eat diet food. Milo has high cholesterol (I know, don't laugh!) and he finally accepts that he only get's to munch on diet food during the day.
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He he he, yes Tania - Phoebe's adopted the see-food diet!

Whenever Tom puts some scraps in Oakley's (dog) bowl Phoebe runs as fast a lightening to have a go at it! If we leave the food pantry door open she rumages through there madly trying to find something to eat!

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