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wheezy kitty

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my sweet cuddly kitty wheezes. it's not constant -- we took him to the vet a few months ago and since he wasn't wheezing then, she said it wasn't anything to worry about. i'm a bit concerned, though.

he's a longhair mix, 8 years old, neutered, and weighs about 12 pounds (not fat, just big). he adores being cradled like a baby and having his tummy petted; it seems like he wheezes more often in this position than in others but i can't really be sure (it can also be tough to tell if he's wheezing because he's a constant purrer).

he sneezes sometimes but not often, and fairly often a bit of his third eyelid shows (the vet said that was an indication that he's probably got allergies). last night, he was wheezing quite a bit more loudly than he has before, but this morning his breathing seemed fine.

should i go back to the vet, or am i likely to be told the same hting? and if it is allergies, can anything be done to make it better, or is it something better left alone?
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I would seek another opinion. I don't think its normal for them to wheez so much..and its not healthy that the third eyelid is always showing.

Good luck, I hope the kit is alright Keep us updated.
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If he's wheezing and having difficulty breathing you are right to be concerned. I agree that you should call your vet or get a second opinion. If it is allergies there are meds that can be given to alleviate kitty's discomfort and wheezing. Good luck. I hope you can find the reason for kitty's wheezing.
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Your cat may have asthma, allergies or a combination of the two (as does my cat)

Here is what I do for Gizmo:

First and foremost get a good HEPA vacuum cleaner. Most allergens are in house dust (molds are also prime culprits.)

I use a dust-mite killing allergen-removing laundry detergent. It's done wonders for both Gizmo and me.

I have two Blueair filters, one in the studio (a very dusty room where we spend a lot of time) and one in the bedroom. These were worth every penny we paid for them.

Lastly I have a Voronado humidifier in the bedroom. While this seems a contradiction, winter air aggravated Gizmo's asthma last year and she's had fewer attacks with these things in place.

I'm also feeding her rabbit--which agrees wonderfully with her. I tried various 'removal' diets and found she can't have any kind of poultry. Try a new protein source for your cat in addition to these other things.

I don't recommend medication unless the condition is serious. Gizmo has gotten by after a bad experience with Prednizone.
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