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How do I ?

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How do I or where do I go to post pictures. As you can see machines are not my forte....

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You can either upload directly from your computer, but the pic has to be pretty small in size to do it that way. The button to do that is on the page when you are posting, just below where you type the body of the message ( it says 'attach file' ).

The other way, and the easier one in my opinion is to upload to a web host that supports remote viewing, then you just link here using the [IMG] tags. The easiest way to do this would be to click the IMG button above where you are typing right now and it allows you to attach the url for the image.

I know it all sounds confusing, just give it a try to practice. Maybe someone else can chime in here and put this in better English.
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Thank you..
I tried the button do dingy thing below by the post but it says there to big there on a disc.
The other thing you spoke about is way out of my league. No clue!!

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Ok, let me try again. If they are too big, you'll have to use your photo program to resize them, something like photo shop or photomax.

To upload them is quite simple actually. Just pic a site, like ofoto.com or photoisland.com and store your pics there. Then you just link them into your post using that IMG button above here.

Give it a shot again, most of us didn't have a clue but we figured it out w/ lots of practice.
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If all else fails, you could just e-mail them to someone here to post for you! I would do it, but I have to go offline very soon and feed Amber...she has been asleep for quite awhile, so I am going to need to feed her again, soon!
I am sure someone else here would do it for you, though!
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You can go ahead and email them to someone like Debby said, and they can post them for you. But I know eventually you'll want to learn how to do it yourself!!

Try reading thru the thread about computer questions answered ( its under the important threads at the top of the lounge ), there is some more in detail explanations there that you may find useful.
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