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Future of kitties/moving out

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Tristan and i have been discussing marriage and moving out one day. He works and lives with his parents, and i am looking for work and live with mine. Hes has Cleo for maybe 4 months and we both love her to bits and Charlie has been my baby for almost 9 years so he is getting on. I dont want to leave my baby behind but i dont want to put him through another move, he is sort of a scaredy cat as he has a previous owner before being taken back to the rspca aged about 4 months old. It would be safer for me to leave him with me parents where he is atm, but i couldnt stand the thought of only seeing him once a week or fortnight or less (depending on where we move and i dont drive and i should be working this year). Im so used to seeing him and cuddling him everyday, and having him on my bed asleep and pampering him. And Tristan has been worried about the same thing with Cleo. As she is blind and has adapted to his house, she should stay there because there are three other family members who could look after her and they have a big property. We dont know how wed look after both of them and settle them down if we both end up working full time. It wouldn't be fair on them.

It could be a while away, but can anyone give me advice...really stressed =(
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You both know your cats better than anyone else.So, if you think it would only stress them both out to the extreme,then you have to do what you feel is best for them in the long run!!!
If you wanted to *see* how well they would adapt, then maybe a night visit in your new place would let you know.
Good luck and I hope you figure out what's best for all of you.
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I am sure you will figure out what is best for them when the time comes, but I wouldn’t automatically discount bringing them because of shyness or a disability unless you truly feel the best home for them is where they are now. I was very concerned about how my CH cat would handle a move and adjust because she easily becomes disoriented due to vision problems and deafness, yet she handled it remarkably well. Perhaps some owners of blind cats can share their experiences or suggestions on the subject?

If you do decide to bring them there are things you can do to help them settle in better -like starting them out in a smaller room so they aren’t overwhelmed or unpacking and setting up the house before bringing the cats. I would not recommend doing an overnight “test run†though, because both cats would likely be too overwhelmed with the change to show how they would truly be once they adjusted to the home.

Good luck to you and your cats in whatever you decide!
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