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Does anyone feed...?

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I was curious if anyone fed their cats any sort of raw meats such as organs, turkey or if they gave them egg yolks or any other such foods as an occasional treat.

If so, how do you prep the foods for the cat to eat?

Are there any risks involved when feeding these types of foods?

Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

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I recommed gooling BARF or raw food diets/...

To sites to look at




I also suggest finding a vet with knowledge of this type of feeding ...

I do give some raw foods ... I either by already prepared ( meat bones with or without organs and veggies ) or I take organs and meat with vitamins
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I feed my cats raw hamburger once in a while... but it isn't their sole diet by any means. There is the risk of E. coli and Salmonella, but cat's digestive systems are supposedly more able to handle pathogenic bacteria than ours and I've never had a problem (knock on wood). They seem to enjoy the treat and I think the high-quality protein helps their coats.
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My cats sometimes get a little chicken or venison as a treat. Only very small amounts though.
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Yep, I feed a raw diet, so my cats get both raw meats and eggs. There is a VERY VERY slim chance of bacteria causes them troubles, as their digestive tracks can handle it with no problem. One risk is choking, I guess, if you feed whole bones. They the risk, again, is very low. Cats can choke on anything, including their kibble or feline Greenies or treats, anything.
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I give Ping several chucks of raw stew meat a week. He loves it. I also give him organ meats on occassion but he is picky about what ones he likes.
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Thanks for the replies!

Sharky, thanks for those links that you provided. The first one has a ton of good info!

I just want to give something as an occasional treat- maybe only once or twice a month.
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Nothing raw - they get a little boiled chicken breast, cheese, hamburger as treats.
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My girls have been converted to a RAW diet (only been a week or so, probably less [I believe I bought the first batch of raw on Sunday... lol]). I don't feed the actual meats, like organs or muscle meats, unless as a treat, because to feed a diet like that would be difficult for me. The cats need the bone (IMO) and I don't have one of those serious bone grinder things, plus I don't think I have the know-how to feed the proper portions of each meat type. But if I come across liver or something, I'll sneak some to the cats, lol (Buffy won't eat raw meat, but Molly and Willow will, and all 3 will eat cooked meat. FYI, while Molly and Willow are on RAW, Buffy is on canned instead).
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