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I just wondered if there was anyone else in Australia here? How are you coping and are you close to Heyfield and Ovens? (Orbost was contained in the last day)

I'm in the East but the smoke is pretty easy to grab a hold of everywhere, it's so thick. The Kinglake fired last year were near my boyfriend, and though it burnt a hell of alot, a few were deliberately lit just the other week, thankfully they were contained. I'm scared shitless.

We moved house 6 months ago, and now we are down the road from a huge national park *frowns*
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I've heard that Australia is really suffering with the fires. I'm sending some get rain soon vibes to all of you.
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When i lived in Melbourne it would always be the same story every summer!

*hugs* Just take care of your self and the kitties
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Stay safe there, and I am sending many {{{{get rain}}}} vibes too. On the news this morning, they mentioned that some Canadian firefighters are going over there to help out I hope they contain some more of it soon.
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If only we could send you our rain....praying for rain for you!
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