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To all the cats over the bridge

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Each of you had your own unique beauty
Individual quirks that made your owners melt
Your intelligence never ceased to amaze us
Your love and companionship made us feel whole

Know you were loved
Know the joy you brought to our hearts
Know that we miss you so

I can't find the words to express how such special creatures of God you are. So I will quote Anne Taylor-Brown "Cats allow us to love them for which we should be duly grateful'.

I know each of us who have lost a beloved pet may wish to post a new thread ..but please feel free to add your own additional words to this thread if you like for your own pets. When reading the posts in this forum, I feel such a sense of love for all cats and it helps me think of the good times and the love from my cat Gizmo who passed today. Maybe it can help some of you who are coping with the grief of losing your beloved cat to know that your cat is not alone..he or she is in kitty heaven with so many more beautiful, unique, loved cats.

Goodbye darling have a piece of my heart forever.
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Oh sweet Gizmo, rest in peace little one. I like the thought of my Alley, spending her days with you and all the other darling kitties we have lost. You are all missed and loved so much.
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How sweet. Rest in Peace Gizmo, Alley and Babygirl
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Thats very touching Minxie,I am sorry for your loss of Gizmo

R.I.P Dear Gizmo and know you were loved and be sadly missed
by your meowmy
Play hard and enjoy your new life with all our other rainbow bridge kitties and please say hello and I still love them to all the ones who knew me this past two years

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Rest peacefully, Gizmo, Alley, Babygirl, Nakita, Mr Bigglesworth, my sweet Whiskers gone almost 6 years but never forgotten, and all of the other special kitties who have passed over the bridge.
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amen, and god bless all our furries that have gone to the Bridge
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I'm so sorry about Gizmo.

I was truly touched by the title of this thread. While I want to offer my condolences to everyone who posts their loss in this forum, reading the pain in the words of those who have lost their best friends is sometimes more than I can bear. I've lost so many dear kitties over the years, and I feel such empathy for those who have had to say goodbye to their fur-babies. Isn't it comforting to think that all our loved-and-lost kitties are playing together, and waiting for us to join them?
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What a beautiful thought! And yes they are!
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Thank you! This is beautiful!
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I had no idea you lost an animal today with the way you were talking. I am sorry about gizmo. And the words you wrote is how i feel about my child. We still look at this pictures and laugh at his Luckyiness. He was one of a kind. And one of the most loving understanding creatures i have ever known.

Our animals are so blessed to have such loving masters. My new son is a delicious treat of kitty childhood. My Lucky is very happy to know that I can love another creature that so desparately needed to know love.
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Mel, Beautiful words, and I love your new signature for your boy Gizmo.
It is so difficult to lose these precious babies from our lives, I feel such an emptiness without Bella in my life, I had close to 13 beautiful years of her constant companionship, I don't even know myself without her. I have lost the absolute Love of my Life.
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