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kitten being spayed

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ok send some good vibes please , as you know over here in the uk most vets wont spay untill kittens are about 6 months , well me kitten has just turned 5 months old on monday and last sataurday she started *calling* poor thing looked really stressed out crawling around on her belly ase up in the air trying to get someone to take notice of her , i phoned the vets and she is booked in tomorrow to be spayed but shes still in heat? i have been told there can be complations . i asked the vet and she said the only problem they have is a bit more bleeding (ONLY). now im worried what if something goes wrong?
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Sending vibes for you. My Mother cat went into heat within days of her delivering. She went in and out of heat A lot waiting for her baby's to wean. When I took her in she was in heat. My vet explained that her organs were swollen so her incision would be larger. We wanted to go ahead and spay her since she kept going into heat. We did and she was fine. Im sure your girl will be, too.!
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thanx for that , makes it a bit better knowing that someone elses cat has been spayed while in heat
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Congratulations for getting your girl spayed.

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Originally Posted by TNR1 View Post
Congratulations for getting your girl spayed.

She will be fine
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I am sure she will be fine My boy had neuter and umbilical hernia surgery at the same time - I don't know whether that's in any way comparable because I've never had a female cat - but he was fine despite having invasive surgery and a load of stitches. I am sure everything will go ok.

I also know how difficult it can be, my vet doesn't do paediatric altering, mine had to be at least 6 months - and by that time he was already quite obviously sexually active and frustrated, and trying frantically to get out because of the calling from the queen in heat who lives down the end of our road

Make sure you keep her in until her spay, preferably in an inside room with 2 doors between her and the outdoors, I just remember how my boy was trying to answer 'the call of the wild'! Not worth the risk.
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She will be fine I have had numerous cats in heat spayed and numerous pregnant cats spayed and they all turned out okay.

Good luck!
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it went really well they let me take her home the same day.
we have also just taken on another cat well kitten so they say, one of the mums i speak to was saying about this kitten its first home it was at for 3 months they went to another home for a month the lady said this women asked her son to put it in a black bag and *GET RID* of it. so she took it on she had it 2 days but her cat riped it to shreds. so she asked me to take it for its own saftey. well i picked him up today from her house , and he is huge my 8 month old cats are the same size as him and his only ment to be 4 months old ?? poor thing this is his 4th home in just 4 months, his going to the vets on monday for a check over and blood tests, his a bit skinny but because his fluffy you dont notice untill you pick him up. he has a few matty bits and looks a bit scruffy. i have him in a quiet room with a litter box food and water at the moment. he is very loverball.
now i was going to try and find him a new home myself but now that i know this is his fourth i am gonna try and make it work i dont want to stress him even more then i have to.
want i want to know do you think its a good idea seeing as i already have 7 cats?? im working out a budget at the moment just to make sure i can afford it . my house isnt huge but theres room.
or do you think he would be better off with someone else? i just want to do whats right for him. the lady wont tell me who asked her son to do this which makes me think there close.
but surly she shouldnt be allowed to get away with it?
i couldnt reply before as the phone lines went down and getting get on , bt came today to fix it woohoo lol.
i was lost without this thing lol
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i think his older then 4 months . he is spraying everything!!!in the bathroom. so iv changed the appomint untill tuesday when they can neture him at the same time. please tell me there is a way after his op to stop him?? i now have my oh with the hump with me lol. but he will come around , and also what is the best thing to take away the smell. he has also wee'd in his food bowl?? not sprayed but wee'd. so not sure what that is all about , i brought a new cat tray so that he wouldnt be able to smell the others in the tray. plus i have a small one that they use in there just so he does get there sent, any ideas?
please dont say nothing i do will stop him
btw it seemed to take ages for the first post to come up ?? i sent it about an hour ago and just seen it come up ?
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I was just wondering you keep the poop bucket in the bathroom?
One of my cats Patch,used to love peeing up the bathroom curtains,I took them
down but it didn't stop him.
I used to keep the poop bucket at the back of the toilet,but since I've moved it he hasn't done it once.

Just a thought...
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How are things with your little guy going now? Has he calmed down any at all or is he still spraying everything?
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thanx for asking , he was neutered on tuesday , but he hates other cats , and i mean hates them , im in the middle of looking for a new home as an only cat. he loves human company but cats , he hunts them down and really goes for the kill. and he would be an ideal indoor only cat , as his about 18 months and never ever wants to go outside. Forest is healing well after her spay , and the stray we took in was neutered friday morning so in a another week or so he will be ready to rehome to someone. but iv tried everything with theo and the only thing i can do now is home him with someone who has no other cats.
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