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Broken leg/pet insurance- need advice

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My poor 10 month old cat broke his back leg yesterday. It broke right on the joint and will require surgery this week. It's gonna be expensive, and the vet said he'll need to be immobilized for about eight weeks. That's going to be fun having to keep him confined to one tiny room. Nobody saw this happen, but more than likely he jumped from the counter wrong and broke it. Here's where my 20 questions come into play. How do I keep a cat off the counter? After the leg heals, is there going to be more of a chance that it could re-break? Also, because of this tremendous expense with this, I'm looking into the possiblity of pet insurance. Does anyone have any input as to if this is worth it? And if so, what would be my best options for this? Thank you to anyone who replies!!
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Insurance will not cover an existing condition, so it won't help with the cost of this surgery.

I have a large dog crate with space for the litter box, food & waterbottle and space for a recovering fluffy. See if any of your friends have a crate you can borrow.
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Most pet insurance companies are a waste of time. You'd do better to just save money againsst an injury or illness.
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So very sorry about your baby, that must have hurt. The crate idea is a good one for the recovery period.

As for being in a weakened condition, your vet will be better able to decide that after your baby has healed. If he heals perfectly, there should not be a problem. If he does not, there may be a weakness there.

There are some things you can buy to help "train" (that's a laugh, cats do what they want) the cat or scare the cat from getting on....say a couch, or counters. I think Drs. Foster and Smith have some items that may be of interest, and once you decide what you might like, check out the items on the web to see if you can get a better price.

Healing headbuts and sooooothing licks from KittenKiya's Clan. Let us know how your baby makes out, OK?
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