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Very worried about Amy

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As you all probable know I have been waiting for Amy (a stray pregnant cat I have adopted) to give birth.

Tonight she has had a runny tummy and is very lathargic although she was playing very merily with 'Da Bird" earlier.

I found her lying on the bed in the spare room (something she doesn't usually do) and I have now placed her in her birthing box and so far she has stayed there.

Pete gave them some caned tuna for dinner as a treat and it was in oil, I usually drain it really well or give them tuna in spring water. I am not sure if he did this. Would it be that whicee is making her unwell (the other 2 are fine)

I have been looking through websites on health etc but there is no mention of this being a part of the later stages of pregnancy. Will the kittens be okay?
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As far as I know tuna is ok as a once in a while treat. I believe it has high levels of mercury which if eaten too often can be toxic.

So, I don't think that the tuna would make her ill. And pregnant kitties that are about to give birth can act strangely. My Sunshine was very quiet the day she delivered, and seemed to be in pain for a short while before she actually started to birth.

I'm sure one of our resident experts here will jump in though and give you a more concrete answer. Sandie?? Hissy?? Lotsocats??
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All cats can be different during the stages of labor. I am not quite sure what you mean by runny tummy. If you mean loose stools, that perfectly normal. If you mean she's leaking milk, thats fine as well. She could become very lethargic, and possibly even get up and walk around and then lay back down. You should be looking for contractions and when that happens, she is very close
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Good Morning Everyone.

4 hours sleep is not gooooooood!!!!!!

dtolle Thank you for putting my mind at rest about the tuna, I was worried we had made her sick.

Sandie Sorry, at that time of night I wasn't being very lucid in my discriptions. She had Diarrhea. She is doing what you said about getting up then lying down again. Her tummy is huge and I could feel them moving around a lot yesterday. I haven't had much chance to really feel her tummy this morning. She is rubbing against me and letting me scratch her ears and chin and she purrs when I touch her. There was no mess in the litter box this morning so she hasn't had diarrhea since. She is so tiny, her stomach is too big for her. She is so beautiful. I just want to make sure I am doing the right things for her.

Thank you for you help and sugestions. It's made me feel better just knowing you guys are there. I will ring the vet this morning and see if they think I should be bringing her in.

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