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Finally got "Placido" to shut up

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After weeks of hearing Brady sing his lungs out for several hours starting at about 3AM, we lucked on to the solution. I think he was singing:
"I want to go OOUUUUTTT, the MOOOOON is so BEAUTIFULLLLLLL, and a BEAUTIFULLLLLL young female SURELY wants to meet a handsome Tom like MEEEEEE".

Well anyway, I have these two faux fur blankets on the bed and last night Brady jumped up on the bed and -well-started doing something x-rated with the brown one. I thought to myself "hey, if this can be a substitute for what he is yowling for, why not try it?" I tossed the brown blankie on the floor in the hallway and we had peace and quiet last night.

Now I am going to try something else. I got a cheap stuffed toy that is fuzzy and I am going to rub it on my step-daughter's two femal cats and give it to him. See if that helps.
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Whatever works!
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You are downright BRILLIANT!
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You should see him, it is like he is in a trance. And you should have heard what DH said about what he had to put up with with pet activities in our bed!

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Well, that's Brady's blanket now!
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Forget the blanket, I had another idea which so far has worked a miracle. I got him a stuffed toy about his size (looks like Tigger) and put it on the bed (kid of covering it with the blanket-the dogs for some reason think that if there is a stuffed toy anywhere in the house it must be for them. ).
Sure enough, when DH came to bed at about midnight, Brady followed, discovered the surprise and proceeded to do about what I expected. This went on for fifteen minutes, then he left, taking the toy with him the same way a mother cat would carry a kitten, by the scruff, and the fun continued out in the hallway. The following morning Tigger was laying belly up, looking like he had been well, never mind.

Since then Brady has been "playing" with Tigger about 5-6 hours a day (I could take hours of x-rated videos if I wanted to.) and he has not yowled once. The only sound I have heard out of him aside from his usual friendly "chrrrup" was a cry of indignation he let out when I was trying to rearrange the blanket underneath him while he was doing his thing with Tigger on the bed. Brady keeps clawing whatever he is on and I would rather he claw the stupid blanket than our comforter.

Does anyone else give their young male cats this kind of "company" to shut them up?
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I've not given anything intentionally, but our Ebony was often seen carrying our daughter's little bunny slipper around and er, enjoying the company. He also had a fondness for a white teddy bear of hers that when you pressed on it's chest it would play Christmas songs. We often heard those tunes in the wee hours of the morning.
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I think those stories are SO funny!!!!
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All I can say is, thank God Ferris was captured as a little kitten!
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