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Home Again Chips

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I'm getting my cats microchipped with Home Again chips this weekend.

I did research and it looked like not all chips were universal, and some couldn't be read by some shelters. My vet puts in the Home Again chip and when asked, they told me that it's a common one and that shelters have universal readers now anyway...

Not sure if thats true and don't know much about this chip company. Does anyone else know anything?


oh and also, they quoted me $75 per cat. Is that about right?
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All my cats have the Home Again chips. That is what is used in this area. I would go with what is used most in your area becuase it is true that not all chips can be read by all readers. It's been about a year & a half, but my maggies cost aroun $45 to have the vet put the chip in & another $15 I think to register the chip. If the $75 is for putting the chip in it seems a little expensive, but maybe someone will come along who has had it done more recently.
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My Thomas got his chip yesterday. My vet charged $37.50 for the implantation, and Home Again charged $17.50 to register the info. The shelter I got Delilah and Midget from offers microchip clinics where they charge $40 for implantation and registration combined. $75 seems high to me.
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Good for you for chipping your kitties! I am a vet tech and all 7 of mine are chipped. I think overall Home Again (which is who we use as well) is a good company. I will give you fair warning though, for some reason lately we have been finding at our hospital that we are running across chips that are no longer working, last year alone I called and reported 15-20 non working chips. I have notified Home Again directly and we have taken x-rays to make sure that they have not fallen out, all but 3 were still implanted. Home Again has taken action and are recording ALL microchip failures and are keeping a log to make sure that this will come to an end. They are also replacing the chip at no cost to the owner or the implantation hospital. I give them credit they are trying their best to make it all right. I have not yet lost faith in the company all together, as with everything in life, it take a few mistakes before something becomes perfect. I am not sure if the Avid chips are having the same problem, not too many vets or shelters in our area use Avid, so I am not sure what to say about them. I would make sure that your vet scans the chips everytime you are in for a check-up to make sure it is still scanning. As far as the cost goes, your price you were quoted is a little higher than we charge ($55-$65:depending on if anesthesia is used) but still within normal range of price. You may also ask your vet if they have any rebate coupons, a few months ago Home Again was doing a promotion where if you mailed in the rebate you got $10 back on the purchase of your microchip-it certainly cannot hurt to ask! Good luck with the chips and let me know if you have any other questions~
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in this area, it's avid i think that's more common. I just got Isis chipped today while she was being boarded and it's 45$ for implantation and 15$ for registration.
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In this area the standard price seems to be between $25 and $30.
Most of my cats were chipped at one vet that charges $25 and the last few at the new vet for $29.50. Those were Avid chips.

Another vet I use has the Home Again chips and they charge $25.

So far I have 16 of 19 cats chipped. Feral status has pretty much kept me from getting the 3 remainder cats chipped. Maybe in the future is they tame down some more and my finances get a little better.
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I've heard that the brand that couldn't be read by all readers was the one Banfield uses- the vet clinic inside Petsmarts.

My kittens were chipped by the shelter, but I'm not sure what brand they used.
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You may want to also call your animal control as well as your humane society.

I don't know aobut universal scanners, but it is true that some scanners will not register some chips. It might be good to find out what kind of scanners your agencies have.
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OK, now I thinking mine might have Avid. Well all 4 are chipped with which ever chip you register with AKC. Like I said it's been over a year so I forget.
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