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a couple questions about our new kitten

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Ok things are going very well with the new kitten i got for x-mas we named her peeps. She is the most beautiful kitten ever. I cant figure out how to post pictures or id love to share them.

But any way the shelter said she was ragdoll mix but the vet said he thinks they migth actually be purebred not that it matters. Is it normal for the breed to love to lick people? She will lick your face for hours purring away. She will lick ou till the point that your pushing her away cause sshes making your face raw.

I have never met such a laid back cat at first i was scared she could be sick but must be the way she is. She hit it off with the other cats non of them even fluffled up there tails.

It seems she hasnt stopped purring since we got her and she seems to love the kids even though they carry her around everywhere. We will tell one of them let her go and she goes right back to them.

I am trying to figure out her hair color what it will be like right now it is still all white except for some gray on her ears and tail and a stripe of gray on her nose. There does seem to be some very light cream color in some spots on her back but u can only see it when the light is shinning on her. Do you think she will keep the white mostly or totally change?

We were not able to go get the brother do to part of money and it seems she fit in with our family perfectly.
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Some cats are overly "Licky" mine don't share this trait. Sibohan licks my fingers sometimes and once in a while will wake me up with a big wet one across the nose.
When it comes to the Color of your cat, from what you discribe she sounds like a Cream colorpoint. The tips may darken but she will probably stay this her whole life.
My cat Duke is also laid back and tends to purr constantly it's like a motor with an everlasting battery.
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I think it would be extremely rare to find a purebred raggie in shelters. Shes probably just a gorgeous pointed DLH.

Some cats are very 'licky' and very people orientated. Ceci is very licky. She will lick my fingers until they are practically raw and if I pull away she gets upset.
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I agree it is extremly rare to find them but they had history from prev family who son has developed allergies and asthma and they didnt want to take the time to find a new home. Like I said i am not sure about being purebred. If i ever figure out how to post pics ill share them shes beautifull. (although im a little biased).
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she sounds gorgeous!

heyy is you want to put pics on here, go to http://www.photobucket.com and you can upload images from your computer's hard drive into your account. its totally free. then you can use the image codes to put pics on here.
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my girl was an older kitten when I brought her home...and she licked and licked and licked me to pieces! It would get annoying and raw after a bit lol. She calmed down when she got older.

She was also v. oddly laid back for a kitten. I later came to believe it was a defense mechanism - she had withdrawn while she was living a stressed life, abandoned outside, whisked off by strangers to a shelter, and three weeks at the vet recovering until back to the shelter.

When she got secure with her new life, she began acting more like a "normal" cat.

Congrats on your new baby!
I'd love to see her pics! Hope you figure out how to post them!
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She sounds gorgeous. Cleo has been doing that to Tristan as he sleeps. She prefers to lick the part in his hair and his forehead till he wakes up. Apparently she does it for as long as she can till she's moved lol. She also does the same with her little teddy bear, it's half her size and she likes to carry it around like a puppy and grooms it. Any way to show a blind kitty how not to groom someone into madness? lol
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