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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
I have always liked ragdolls do they get along well with each other and other cats? and are they a vocal cat like siamese cats or others like them
Well, my "owner's manual" (actually, articles I had read about the breed when I was researching) said that ragdolls get along well with other cats and dogs. I have found this to be true. My mom has a border collie and a shetland sheepdog, and whenever I would take Wilbur to visit, he took to the dogs right away. In fact, THE CAT chases Duffy (the sheltie) around the house and tries to jump on his butt!

Baby Milo has only met the dogs once when they came to my house for Christmas. He was scared and hid, but you could tell he was intrigued.

So far, Wilbur and Milo have been getting along *reasonably* well. I think Wilbur likes having the kid around, but his patience wears thin quickly and he'll often screech and swipe at Milo if Milo's being too much of a pest. But then 10 minutes later, they're on my bed licking each other.........

My raggies are not vocal. Wilbur, before I got Milo, NEVER spoke. No meows, no chirps, nothing. Since Milo, Wilb's gotten more sassy and vocal when he's been PO'ed. Milo is very quiet. But all that being said, when I went back to my breeder to pick up Milo, she had several of her queens roaming around the living room. One of them, Bizzie, was chirping like a bird the whole time and bucking my arm to get me to pet her! She also told me that Wilbur's dad is quite reserved, so that made me feel better because Wilb isn't a cuddler/snuggle bunny. (And I thought I mentally screwed him up!!) Milo's parents, she said, are more outgoing so that explains Milo's incessant pestering of Wilbur for playtime.
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Pearl, solid white girl, born in a barn, given away in front of Wal-Mart. My daughter rescued her from an abusive owner. She is the only one I know her exact birthday, July 4th, 2000.
Pepper, a brown tabby girl, around 3 years old. She was part of an abandoned litter when some neighbors moved. She had been hit by a car and left in the road. Fortunately she was just bruised and banged up. She is my goofy girl.
Scooter, aka, Poot, orange tabby,was removed from two janitors at the hotel where I worked because they wanted to see if they could flush a kitten down the toilet. He is a little over 2 years old.
Fluffy was dropped off in the parking lot where my SO works, and he saw her tapping her little paws on the window to come in. He could not let her in, but he stuck her inside his jacket and say out in the cold with her for several hours until I could
come get her. She was about 10-12 weeks old. Tha was Christmas Eve, 2005.
Always in my heart, my soulmate kitty, Fred, gone to the Bridge at the wonderful old age of 18.
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I have 7.
Puddems is a black DLH . He also has health issues and had to be on medicated food for the rest of his life. He is 6. I got him as a scrawny 5 week old kitten with lots of fleas and bald patched.

Puss she is a grey and white DSH. Not sure on her age. She has been abused and abandoned by atleast 2 families. She is not a cuddly cat . She pretends not to like people , but every now and then i will get a headbutt or a leg rub.

Kink. She is a calico domestic x ragdoll. My special baby. She has Radial Hypoplasia. (Her front legs are bent at almost right angles.) She has a thing for hair. Loves to play in it. Kink Has not long turned 1. Her birth date is 7th of december 2005.

Tinkerbell is a dilute tortishell. The mummy of the 3 babies i have . She was a stray i took in. She is so loveable. And very tolerant of my children and my niece. She will let them do anything to her.(within reason). I'm not sure on her age either.

Last of all we have the 3 babies. 9 weeks old.
Chucky. Our beautiful grey long haired baby. He is staying with our troup.
Christine a beaitiful longhair torti gal. looking for a home.
Tiffany a pretty short haired torti gal. She is going to live with my brother and his family. (they have 2 cats. the 3rd was hit by a car over christmas)

they also live with 3 dogs, Boof(rotti X) Mishka (blue cattle X Bordercollie) and Princess(Foxy X Jack russell)

And 3 budgies and a cockatiel and 7 Rats , 4 mice , a number of fish and a Turtle.
Also temporarly day sitting a rainbow lorikeet, Pauly.

Things are constant bedlam in my house.
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4 cats:

Sephie: 1.5 years old, dsh tux, found outside at 8 weeks old, living in storm gutter. (i'm sad we weren't able to get his sister)
Gabriel: ? on the age (3-6 is a guess), dsh buff/white, adopted from PAWS.
Orion: 6 months old, black dlh, adopted from vet
Isis: 6 years old?, russian blue mix, found outside.

also have : 2 55 gallon tanks (1 fresh, 1 salt), 6 cockatiels..all rescue but one.
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Well I guess I have 8 cats now (if you have seen my post about Cuddles you know what I mean)

My Crew:
Cuddles: DSH buff tabby ~ 12 years old (M)
Eliott: DLH Gray Himalayan ~ 8-9 years old (M)
Willoughby: DMH tabby ~ 5 years old (M)
Pwne: DSH lynx point something or other with big turquoise eyes ~ 3-4 years (F)
Kinks: DSH Tortie with white ~ 3-4 years (F)
Bowie: DSH gray and white ~ 3 years (F)
Noira: DSH Black ~ 3 years (F)
Da-Ku: DSH Black ~ 2 years old (M)
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I have 30, all rescued spayed and neutered inside cats. (Many colors, coat types, personalities, etc..I won't list name all that jazz, it will take me too long! lol.)

We also feed the strays.. 3 stay over here all the time,and they are feral, and a couple neighborhood cats come around often.
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7 indoor cats:
Waffles - 1 year old male DSH orange tabby
Sasha - 3-5 year old female Siamese? mix... former feral
Daisy Duke - 6 month old female DSH grey tabby
Leo - 6 month old male DSH orange tabby
Olive - 5 month old female DSH orange & white
Tabitha - 5 month old female DMH orange & white tabby
Spooky Bear - 3 month old male DSH black & white

1 barn cat:
Louie - 8-10 year old male Siamese that someone dropped off last year

And my b/f's dad has two cats:
Stranger - 13 year old female DSH grey & white tabby
Grabat - 2 year old female DSH grey
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