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Watery eye

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Hello to you all once more and a Happy New Year.
My oldest cat (13) has had a watery eye for the last couple of days. She doesn't seem to be in pain but the eye is a little closed. The liquid is clear and she washes it with her paw in a normal fashion. Is this a vet trip or will it clear up in a few days? She has had this before and it went after a week or so. Any thoughts?
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Take a good look at the eye and inner eyelid, it's possible she might have got something in the eye that caused a small scratch or irritation. Also check her ears and teeth, problems with either can cause pain in the face. You could call your vet and ask their opinion, but visit certainly wouldn't hurt.
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This has happened to Palekana. The eye itself looked fine but the skin around the eye looked irritated or bruised. The problem cleared up in about two days. Due to the bruising I thought one of the other cats might have swatted her. With seven in the house they have their occasional disagreements.
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A lot of the time a "gooey" eye is the beginning of an upper respiratory infection.
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Clear discharge isn't as urgent as yellow or green gooey or crusty discharge, but it should still be checked by a vet.
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