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aaaaahhhhhhhh! Work rant!

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So, as some of you know, I do a little babysitting on the side to supplement my paltry student income. I watch 2 little girls part time, and my best friend does the rest of the hours.

Well, lately, my friend has been, well, having a breakdown. She's getting medical attention and is now being medicated for the depression. She's also attempting to go at life full-throttle. What this does, is it just ends up letting everyone down as she simply can't be trusted right now to be dependable and responsible. So, she's been not showing up for babysitting and not calling the parents, and today, she blamed me for her not showing up, which makes me look really bad.

Now, as much as I sometimes whine about this job, it's really nice because it's pretty flexible and I get to hang out with kids. I can't afford to lose it. But now, my male boss is calling my family members to make sure I'm still alive because I "didn't show up to work" even though it's been known by my friend that I have a morning class on Tuesdays.

Now, I'm trying to be sympathetic. If she is going through one of those rough times in her life, by all means, take a break. But part of taking that break is to find someone else who can cover your committments while you rest. Ugh. It just frosts my cookie that she can't a) just brush herself off and start acting like a human being if she is in fact "ok" like she tells people she is or b) (and this is more appropriate), admit to others that she needs time off and that she needs to find replacements for work and school while she takes care o herself. Because it's clearly not "ok" if she can't get herself out of bed to work in the morning. She's gotten help...I just...grrrrrrrr

Sorry. Just had to rant. I hate it when people do this kind of thing. I wish I could help her and make her life better, but I also wish she would stop making us both look so bad. It's such a slippery slope. Our society doesn't really do well in dealing with emotional sickness.
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I'm sorry you're being pooped on. to help you through this.
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Is there any way possible for you to sit down with your employer and tell him what's going on? You could also help your friend out by doing this. I.e if she doesn't show up, tell him to call you and these are the times that you cannot be called.

Also talk to your friend and tell her that you don't like what shes been doing. Tell her that if she needs someone to cover her shift to not be afraid to call you. Be as supportive as possible, but don't take the blame. That is the stuff that costs friendships.
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I feel for you ... Can you talk with the family and perhaps gently remind them you work only a few time s a week .... Our current metal health care in this country is just not working...
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I can look bad on my own, I don't need my friends to help me out...

I'd be having me a talk with somebody...
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