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I just woke up from a crazy dream. I don't really get nightmares in the traditional sense, where I get scared, but I do have anxiety issues and sometimes that translates into my dreams.

Anyway, I dreamt that my best friend and I were walking my dog, Max, OFF LEAD (which is so impossible in real life, since he's a big ol' hound dog) in this huge chunk of land, medows and forest. There was a community centre or possibly hotel nearby. Well, Max is having a great time, then he cries and I look over to see there is a piece of metal about four inches long and the width of coat hanger wire protruding from his muzzle! In the dream, my friend wanted to pull it out, but you should never do that so we managed to get him to our car. Then we start frantically calling the hotel/community centre and looking for anyone who knew a vet. I even called 411 and they refused to give me a number because it was night or something. I'm trying to explain to everyone that my dog has a penetrating wound from unknown metal and everyone is just telling me to pull it out! I couldn't find anyone to help. Then I woke up. I went to check on animals and they're all good. But phew! that was one stressful dream. I don't really feel very rested!
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It can be so upsetting can't it?

In a strange co-incidence, I had an awful dream last night in which one of our windows was wide open, and Radar was sitting on the frame of the open window. I went to pick him up, and he leaped out of the window, and fell 3 storeys to the ground. It was very graphic, he bounced and there was blood and everything. Woke up crying my eyes out.
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Ohh I hate when you have dreams like that, sometimes they can affect your whole day and it's disturbing. Last night I had a dream that there were 2 Bella's in my dream but I knew which one was the real Bella and I kissed her on the nose and I swear I could almost really feel her, just like it used to feel to kiss her I always kissed her on the nose I woke up so sad though.
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I had a strange dream last night too.
I only remember a small part of mine though, Isis was wandering around with a ball in her mouth crying like she always does, but this time she looked like she had had a seizure or something because the whole one side of her face was drooping and she was dragging her left side. When we tried to see if she was ok, I woke up. Needless tp say, she was right by my side sleeping and fine but I was a little freaked out.
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