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international wires

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have anyone done wires from Europe to the US? My dad has wired me money before using a swift code, my routing and bank account number. His bank is telling him that they require since the first of the year and IBAN number. That isn't used in the US though.
Anyone know if this is something new? something the banks here are going to or should we be ok with just the swift, routing and bank account number? (this last option has always worked in the past).
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Have you tried Western Union? It works very well for us here to wire money to the US... a bit costly though. All that is required is the recipients name, address and a security no. (like Social security or Driver's license) to verify your identity!
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Try Paypal, you can send money to anyone with an account.
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this is my dad, he won't do anything on the internet like that.

So...iban number in the US? my friend in Canada says her bank has started using it about a year ago.
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We do international wires for work and have IBAN numbers for all the customers we deal with (but then I am talking large corporation accounts), but as far as I know, the US banks are not enrolled in the program.

Basically the IBAN number is your account number like this:
(for Great Britain)

B = alphabetical bank code, S = sort code (often a specific branch), C = account No.
If you call your bank they can provide international wire routing numbers
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They have a SWIFT code. My dad has wired me money before using the SWIFT, the routing and my account number from overseas.

What I need to know is if anyone knows whether or not there is a new rule saying that the banks in the US need to also get with the program and get an IBAN number. His bank, in Europe, told him that since the first of the year, all banks should have an IBAN number. This is the same lady who has done wires for my dad for years.
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The IBAN number is NOT in the US and their regulations would make it hard to implement it (IBAN is mostly a European thing), but your bank may have some kind of code that they are using in place of IBAN in order for it to be entered into the system correctly in European banks
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yeah it's the swift code that they use. I'm just worried because after so long, the lady said that they need it.
I know iban is a euro thing, i just thought maybe there was some new regulation here in the US about it.

I just hope it went through or i'm screwed for school!

here's crossing my fingers.
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I checked our online transfer thing and it blanks out IBAN numbers when sending money to the US - so hopefully it goes through OK, it did ask me for an ABA number as well as the Swift Code though
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yeah that's the routing number..he has that...i hope they don't mispell my name like last time!
If everything worked i should get it by friday at the latest!

Like my mother in law says "God didn't get you this far to let you down now!"
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