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Louie was searching for a midnight snack.....

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I heard a commotion going on and got up out of bed to see what was the was just Louie, opening my pantry, then scaling the shelves, then deciding to see what he could get into from on top of the fridge..... his cat show name should be "Into Everything"

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Aw, Meowmy, he was just hungry!
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yeah, he's so under nourished, can't you tell? He had to open the bottom of the pantry climb the shelves, open the top cabinet, climb that and then jump onto the fridge.....
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He's a determined boy, that's very sure. Very handsome too!
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Awww he looks so smug up there, I bet he found something yummy right before you caught him
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Louie is a devil
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Awwwwww look how handsome he is
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can you all see how he is squinting? His eyes are so light sensative....I had turned the light on and he was blinded..... light doesn't bother LuckyGirl the same way.....

***didn't anyone notice the fluff in my cabinet?! I thought for sure someone was gonna catch that!
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I saw the fluff before I saw the cat- are you not sure that Louie isn't trying to climb up to get it
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The look on his face says it all. He's gorgeous!
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Aww, he's such a handsome little man...I just love his colours!

And I saw the Fluff! I hope you know you now sarted a craving that won't be satisfied until you find me gorging on a whole container of that stuff at 3 am, LOL
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you should not hid his cat nip that way :P
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There's such a contrast in Louie's's GORGEOUS!

And I feel you with the "into everything" problem. In fact I just heard a crash in the bathroom. Let me go see what my fuzzy one is "testing gravity" with tonight!
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awe that is soooo cute
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Mom! I told you I wanted the Cheddar cheese crackers!! that's an adorable pic
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Thanks everyone!!! He is a handsome little devil that's fur sure!

Here are a few of the others I had but couldn't get the all uploaded to flickr.

now what did Meowmy hide in here?! hmmmm.....lemme see.....
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